Monday 30 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps review at Styrofoam Drone

Thanks to one of my favourite music blogs Styrofoam Drone for a brillopads review of the Wobbly Lamps 7".

Wobbly Lamps – Neon Tee Pee 7″ EP

WOBBLY LAMPS are a new band from Sarfend in the UK and Neon Tee Pee is their debut release. The 7″ EP comes from the Polyvinyl Craftsmen label and is also the debut release for the label itself.

With that being said, this here is truly a single of firsts. The Wobbly Lamps bring us three songs of their medium paced, crunchy style of garage rock, plagued with plenty of shredded guitar grit and blown-out, muffled vocals. These guys bring in plenty of poppy hooks to keep things catchy, as evidenced by an eerie track like “She Wants Me Dead” with its bouncy guitars. Opener “Neon Tee Pee” features more frantic hooks with its caffeinated guitar spikes as the whole track is slowly swallowed whole by a cringing metallic texture. Later on, “Alice the Goon” comes into play with suddenly darker tendencies (almost with a pulsing post-punk vibe), boasting crackling guitars that have a destructive strobe light texture that seem to swallow everything whole as it melts the song down. The song quivers with this weird and nasty edge until the very end, hereby leaving us with an unexpectedly promising debut.

Now is probably a good idea to go and grab the debut 7″ directly from the Polyvinyl Craftsmen – there’s only 250 to go around!

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