Sunday 28 August 2011

The Wobbly Lamps debut

Last night saw the debut of Laggers' new band The Wobbly Lamps at The Railway Hotel in Southend supporting San Francisco's Sic Alps. Also on the bill were local favourites The Hillmisters and Dolfinz from Scotland. A top nite was had by all, we'll bring you some Wobbly Lamps on Thee PVC as soon as something is recorded.

The Wobblies played three songs of their own, a Country Teasers cover and a cracking version of Goo Goo Muck which there's some footage of below you lucky people.

Here are a couple of photos of what went down.

Saturday 27 August 2011

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 22

This transmission is a day later than usual due to holidays etc and comes to you courtesy of the sponsorship of Sailor Jerry Rum, Speckled Hen, Red Stripe and Dominos Pizza, my heads hurts!

Download our drunken antics here

The Hurdy Gurdy Man – Butthole Surfers
Rocket Roll – Zolar X
The Jacques Tati – Frank Black and Teenage Fanclub
Carolina Days – Megafaun
L. Mansion – Sic Alps
Friday in Paris – Strange Boys
Bums on a Rock – The Rebel
Big New Prinz - The Fall
Let’s Build a Car – Swell Maps
Lava Man – Gee Mr Tracy
Degobah System – Wounded Lion
Time Flies By (When You’re the Driver of a Train) – Half Man Half Biscuit
Bad Vibrations – The Black Angels
Shut Down – The Sonics
Rare As a Yeti – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Harry Irene – Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
In the Meantime – Betty Davis
Lovefingers – Silver Apples
Ennios Blues – Quickspace
Era Uma Not De – Loyce E Os Gnomes
Godstar – Psychic TV
Don’t Put Me on Trial – Elephant’s Memory
South African Man (Pt 1) – Hamilton Bohannon
If You’ve Got It You’ll Get It – Headhunters
New Year – The Breeders
Victoria – The Kinks
Medway Wheelers – The Buff Medways

Friday 19 August 2011

Church of Thee PVC Episode 2

Here's Episode 2 of the podcast we do for the GaragePunk Network, nice and noisy but pack full of great tunes. If you want a download, click here

Church of Thee PVC Episode 2

Dick in Dixie – Hank III
Model Ex Citizen – Quintron
Sunday You Need Love – Oblivians
Finger – Ty Segall
Come On Closer – The Daimlers
I Do Dream You – Jennifer Gentle
I Found A Peanut – Thee Midnighters
Gomper – The Tandoori Knights
Hand-Me-Downs – The Tigerlilies
Have Fun – Bleeding Knees Club
Georgy Boy – Sir Lord Von Raven
Real Hot Breakers – Charlie & the Moonhearts
Micro-Miniature Love – Michael Yonkers
To Turn A Tune or Two – Strange Boys
The Devil – The Beets
Rock N Roll Psychosis – Jim Jones Revue
My Baby Said Yeah – The Jooks Of Kent
Diddy Wah Diddy – Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band
Garbage – The Deviants

Thursday 11 August 2011

Transmission 21

Might not have any Wi-fi tomorrow, so you can have transmission 21 a day early you lucky buggers, it's a cracker!

Grab the download here

Cream of Gold – Pavement
Reeling – PJ Harvey
Long Tall Smorty – Stackwaddy
Space Age Love – Zolar X
In Your Street Today – The Stalkers
Is It You – Sticks N Stones
Never Knew I Had It So Bad – Thee Midnighters
Punk Rock Romance - The Hissyfits
What A Way To Die – The Pleasure Seekers
Johnny Ryall – Beastie Boys
Lex Lugor – The Cenubites
Black Change – Country Teasers
I Need Seed – Thee Oh Sees
Emily – Adam Green
Ride That Train – Oblivians
Fire – The Vampires
Trip to the Orient – Alan Barnicoat
Red Headed Woman – Morty Shann & the Morticians
Starting A Moped – Johnny Moped
Where’s Johnny Moped Now? – The Masonics
I Wish I Could Sing – George Coleman
Heidi’s Head – Kleenex
Whip In My Valise – Adam & the Ants
Please Write – The White Wires
The Blue Route – The Walkmen
Viva la Friday Night – The Seasiders
I’m Going Back – Kitty Daisy & Lewis

Friday 5 August 2011

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 20

Here we go then folks, another poddie to brighten the weekend. Lucky to have anything for you this week as we had a computer crash three quarters of the way through number 20 and could only salvage an hour's worth. The missing 30 minutes will become legend, there's a prize up for grabs for anyone who can name any 1 of the 9 missing songs, leave a comment.

If you fancy downloading, click this


Chicken Dog – The Jon Spencer Blue Explosion
Walking Bum – Heavy Trash
Evil Hearted Man – Josh White
Wiley Coyote – Thee Mighty Caesars
Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies
Reynard the Fox – Country Teasers
Wrestling With Satan – Zero Jones
Piss Up A Rope – Ween
The Man Who Loved Beer – Lampchop
Easily, Easily Until It’s Done – Lucky Strikes
Superstition – The Kills
The Marsist – Frank Black
Like Like Like Like Like Like Like - The Intelligence
Marigold – Nirvana
Baby Please Don’t Go – Strange Boys
Spoonful – Q65
‘Cause I Said So – The Godfathers
Everything Flows – Teenage Fanclub