Thursday 30 June 2011

Transmission 16

Back after a two week break, batteries re-charged, record boxes re-filled with plenty of new goodies to tickle your fancies. Download here

Real Gone – Sam “The Man” Taylor
House of Bamboo – Earl Grant
Wack Wack – Young Holt Trio
Chopper 70 – Wayne Cochran
Waterfall – Quintron
Mind Your Own Business – Delta 5
Suck It and Smell – King Khan & BBQ Show
Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi – Jacques Dutronc
Sad Little Bug – April March & the Makers
Why Won’t You – The Rogers Sisters
Hand In Your Head – Money Mark
Messing With My Life – Kitty Daisy & Lewis
You Don’t Like Rock ‘n’ Roll – Hunx & His Punx
Baby Don’t Do It – Shannon & the Clams
(Do the) Fuck Yourself – Nobunny
Love Can Lose – The Milkshakes
Primitive – The Groupies
Octopus – Syd Barrett
Bandstand – Tandoori Knights
I Found A Peanut – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
Warm and Untorn – The Pharmacy
Secret Walls – The Fresh and Onlys
Girl From the Mountain – The Harvey Averne Barrio Band
Enjoy Yourself – Prince Buster
Yellow – Whirlwind Heat
No Satisfaction – Black Mountain
Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordian – The Lovely Eggs

Monday 27 June 2011

Computer Date Killer - Cargo Cult (featuring Biscuit from Big Boys)

Austin post-punk quartet Cargo Cult (1985-1987), starring former punk/funkers Big Boys singer Randy "Biscuit" Turner (1949-2005) and future Jesus Lizard guitar slinger Duane Denison, cut demos at Ben Blank Studios for what the band hoped would follow up its Touch and Go debut, Strange Men Bearing Gifts. Mixed off a CD burn of the last surviving cassette, the demos make up half of the double vinyl "Two-Headed Cobra," a beautifully put together package from French indie label Modern City Records, with bios, mini Xerox'd show fliers, and a set of 20 8-by-10 black-and-white gig art reproductions. Cargo Cult divides seven songs over two sides of gray and yellow marble vinyl. The other slab of vinyl contains songs from the Texas Biscuit Bombs, a live band that Biscuit toured with right up until the end. It's a package well worth getting your hands on both musically and as a lesson in how to release a fantastic looking artifact. Have a listen to Computer Date Killer and if you like what you hear and have never heard of Big Boys, search 'em out and give them a blast too.

As a side note I met Biscuit in Brighton when he was touring with the Texas Biscuit Bombs a few years back and he was a complete gent. The drummer in that band was David Ensminger who I am putting on an exhibition of punk fliers with at Rough Trade East in London for the whole of August. Come along and have a look at some slices of punk history.

Sunday 26 June 2011

Creepin' in the Dust - 56 Special

Back in England after a busy week in Cannes, sorry didn't get you a post everyday, there just weren't enough hours in the day. Today we've got something you won't have heard before, an unreleased track from a local band 56 Special, singer/guitarist/songwriter Dave Crix's love of The Clash and classic rock 'n' roll are obvious in his Creepin' in the Dust. This has always been my favourite of his songs, hope you dig it too.

Thursday 23 June 2011

Oh Louie - Shannon and the Clams

Been listening to a lot of Shannon & the Clams and Hunx & his Punx recently enjoying the punky, 50s rock and roll vibe.

Here's a Oh Louie from Shannon & the Clams' "Sleeptalk" LP, you'll probably here more in the next podcast.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Tear The Club Up - The Dirtbombs

Coming at you today from Cannes (yes really, no joking this time!) we,ve got a noisy bit of stuff, Tear The Club Up - The Dirtbombs, feel like it might clear out the cobwebs this morning.

Monday 20 June 2011

15 totally eclectic podcasts for you to enjoy

While you're waiting for transmission 16, why not go back and listen to our older ones, there are 15 to choose from, the first few being pretty rough and ready recording-wise while we were finding our feet. However amateur we were with vocals, levels etc the music was still mighty good.

If you are a fan of any of the following, check us out: Black Lips, Daniel Johnston, The Bees, Johnny Rivers, The Fall, Micachu and the Shapes, Strange Boys, Subsonics, Sonic Youth, The Kinks, Bad Brains, The Louvin Brothers, Bob Dylan, Mama Rosin, Sic Alps,Wolf People, The Flaming Lips, The Len Bright Combo, Greg Cartwright, The Meters,Ty Segall, Love, The Byrds , Gil Scott Heron, The Stooges, Thee Oh Sees, The Rebel, The Kills, The Detroit Cobras, ? and the Mysterians, Billy Childish, Dead Kennedys, Beck,Little Barrie, Bo Diddley Parliament, She Trinity, The Monks, The Sonics, The Third Bardo, Jacuzzi Boys, Pete Molinari, John Spencer Blues Explosion, X-Ray Spex, Loudon Wainwright III.

That's only a tiny selection but should give you an idea of what you're gonna have your ears subjected to.

Whiskey In The Jar - Lucky Strikes

Alright, enough of this tree frog bollocks, thought it might be a laugh but haven't got time to make up a fake travelogue every day. Due to various work commitments thee three Pauls cannot get together for a couple of weeks to record a new podcast. We'll keep you entertained with music and videos here and on our Facebook page until we have a new transmission recorded. Keep checking in, you never know what might turn up.

This past weekend was the Leigh Folk Festival, didn't make Saturday's festivities as it pissed down all day but Sunday in the Old Town was a great way to spend a sunnny-ish afternoon. It climaxed with an outdoor performance by one of Britain's best kept secrets The Lucky Strikes, who brought proceedings to an end with a typically rollicking performance. We've featured the boys a couple of times in our transmissions and will no doubt highlight them again in the future.

Here is a live version of Whiskey in the Jar which got the crowd on their feet last night. Checkout their website and visit them on Facebook and get hold of their current CD Gabriel, Forgive My 22 Sins.

Saturday 18 June 2011

I Smell A Rat - Animal Special Transmission 4

Seeing as there won't be a new transmission for a couple of weeks, how about re-visiting our animal special or checking it out for the first time if you haven't listened to any of our early efforts.

Wire My Grave With Country Music - John & Margie Cook

Thee PVC in Borneo Day 2
Hanging about in Jakarta for a couple of hours before we can pick up the seaplane we've chartered to get us to Sarikai in Malaysia where our boat should hopefully be waiting for us.

Not that we're feeling concerned in any way but today's choice is Wire My Grave With Country Music by John & Margie Cook which possibly hints at a certain amount of trepidation!

Friday 17 June 2011

Tropical Island Suite - The Fresh and Onlys

Thee PVC in Borneo 2011 - Day 1
Just arriving at Heathrow for our flight to Jakarta, 19 hour flight with a 2 hour stopover in Singapore which should give us plenty of time to upload some tunes for you. We've been told that WiFi is better than we thought it might be as hotspots have been installed at certain points in the rain forest to accomodate news channels and documentary filmmakers, so that's a result.
Hopefully this will be the perfect song for where we're headed, Tropical Island Suite by The Fresh and Onlys. Picked up everything I could find by them in New York so expect plenty more in the future.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen Bornean Blue-Toed Tree Frog Expedition 2011

This is what our 2 week trek is all about, we're going up the Rajang river in search of this little fellow, the Bornean blue-toed tree frog. It's the highest tree dwelling frog in the world and only comes down out of the canopy to the rain forest floor for two weeks a year to breed. It is the only known frog that doesn't produce tadpoles but gives birth to tiny froglets in burrows it digs in the earth around the trees it inhabits. Fascinating stuff, hopefully we'll post some photos here. Taking the laptop loaded with enough tunes that we should be able to post a song every day if we can get a signal.

I Don't Believe You - The Thermals

Gonna try and give you a new song every day while we're on the road. Hopefully something you've not heard before.

First off from Portland, Oregon we've got The Thermals with I Don't Believe You - a punky, sing-a-long power pop gem. If you're partial to a bit of Buzzcocks you're gonna like this.

Thee Craftsmen are on vacation but will send you goodies from the road.

Thee Pauls are taking a two week sabbatical in Borneo looking for a rare breed of tree frog that is rumoured to only come out of hiding this time of year.

In the meantime while you are waiting for new transmissions we will keep you entertained with some videos and the occasional tune to keep you happy.

Here's a cool video from The Fresh and Onlys

Saturday 11 June 2011

Thursday 9 June 2011

Transmission 15

No Coop this week, he's in New York freshening up his record collection, expect plenty of new tunes over the next few weeks. Laggers and Miggins are joined for a week by the legendary Debbie Dallas who will be pulling a few treats out of her box for you all. Make her feel welcome folks.

Download is here.

Don’t Give Up – Gil Scott Heron
No Fun – The Stooges
A Flag in the Court – Thee Oh Sees
Spastic – The Rebel
Bucketful – Tandoori Knights
Post Post Post Modern – Thomas Truax
Menace About Town – The Bishops
Stupid Girl – The Flakes
I’d Much Rather Be With the Boys – Reigning Sound
Fuck the People – The Kills
He Did It – The Detroit Cobras
Hang On In There – Stovell Sisters
Burning in the Background of My Mind – The New Formula
Blank Santa – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Stormy Monday - ? and the Mysterians
Loretta – Nervous Eaters
He’s Making A Tape- Wild Billy Childish & the MBE
Viva Las Vegas – Dead Kennedys
Kicker Conspiracy – The Fall
Baby It’s You – Smith
Hollow Log – Beck
Love Letter – Del Wade
I Keep Forgetting – Chuck Jackson
Creep live) – Radiohead
Express Yourself - Byron Lee & the Dragonaires
Love You – Little Barrie
Road Runner – Bo Diddley

Special guest DJ tomorrow

Standing in for Coop on this week's show while he's in New York stocking up on new vinyl is the stunning Debbie Dallas.

Here's one of her tunes

Thursday 2 June 2011

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 14

Here we go, Transmission 14 a day early owing to the fact I'll be travelling to New York tomorrow, hoping to bring back plenty of new music for future podcasts.

Why Can’t I Touch It – Buzzcocks
I Can’t Feel It – Ty Segall
Low – The UV Race
Shake Shake Shake – White Denim
Them Eyes – The Black Keys
She Cracked – The Modern Lovers
Little Girl – The Banned
Intermission – The Death Set
Always You Helen – Dan Sartain
Strong Come On – Oblivians
She’s A Goth – The Stabilisers
Gorilla Got Me – The Gorillas
Mr Pharmacist – The Fall
I Walk on Gilded Splinters – Dr John
Your DJ Children – Hella
A Walk on the Bleach – Strange Boys
Stoner Girl – The Pharmacy
Is She There? – Nodzzz
Wee Wee Hours – Subsonics
Hidden Charms – Link Wray
Jackson – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood
Ain’t Gonna Cheat On Me – The Castaways
So What’Cha Want – Beastie Boys
Why Don’t You Do Me Right – Alternative TV
Friday On My Mind – London
Fuck the Valley Fudge – Grandaddy
Sleepwalking Through the Mekon – Dengue Fever