Tuesday 31 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps EP reviewed by Shindig! magazine's hip little sister Happening

The only two music magazines I make sure I never miss an issue of are Bananas (from Brooklyn) and Shindig! So it was a real treat today to find that Shindig!'s hip little sister magazine Happening had reviewed the Wobbly Lamps EP.

WOBBLY LAMPS - Neon Teepee EP - Polyvinyl Craftsmen 7”

The first release from this DIY label is from Southend garage punks Wobbly Lamps. The twenty-and-thirty-something fivesome are at the more deranged end of that particular world - think Lux Interior vocals, Thee Oh Sees style guitar mangling, and judging by their Youtube clips a healthy disdain for the audience. The Fall are hard to ignore in their DNA, as the title track of this EP ably demonstrates. Billy Childish may have trademarked that muddy lo-fi garage sound, but they are no mere imitators here. The riffs and drumming are hard not to instantly love on all the songs. 

‘SWMD’ though is more of a sludgy, incomprehensible rant - and I’m getting pretty sick of bands purposely making their vocals unintelligible as an aesthetic. You may as well be an instrumental act if you have nothing to say, surely? The third and final blast here, ‘Alice The Goon’, is a murky, hypnotic repetitive beat from the depths, and is twisted enough to let it’s dark heart show. The tremelo guitar that rattles along is a beautiful sound to hear against its satanic surroundings. It must be pretty brutal when played live!

If you like your minimalist, outsider distortion rock then you need to get this seven. The single is limited to 250 copies, with each record hand-stamped and wrapped in a sleeve designed by Wobbly Lamps member Paul Lagden.

The spirit of ‘66 meets ‘77 lives on here. Amen.

Phil Istine

Wobbly Lamps review at Mer Musique blog

the end of the sea.

Wobbly Lamps - Alice The Goon 
Wobbly Lamps - She Wants Me Dead 

paul from Polyvinyl Craftsmen (which is a killer blog by the way & currently has me addicted to their mixes) was nice enough to send me some sounds from uprising uk band Wobbly Lamps.

the following tracks are from their debut ep, Neon Tee Pee, which is concoction of upbeat rock tinged with a bit of loud garage. upon listening, this heavily channeled the cramps ala bad music for bad people & if you know that album then you'll probably get a feeling this ep is gonna be a good one. and get it while it's hot - currently this is limited to not so many releases!

Monday 30 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps review at Styrofoam Drone

Thanks to one of my favourite music blogs Styrofoam Drone for a brillopads review of the Wobbly Lamps 7".

Wobbly Lamps – Neon Tee Pee 7″ EP

WOBBLY LAMPS are a new band from Sarfend in the UK and Neon Tee Pee is their debut release. The 7″ EP comes from the Polyvinyl Craftsmen label and is also the debut release for the label itself.

With that being said, this here is truly a single of firsts. The Wobbly Lamps bring us three songs of their medium paced, crunchy style of garage rock, plagued with plenty of shredded guitar grit and blown-out, muffled vocals. These guys bring in plenty of poppy hooks to keep things catchy, as evidenced by an eerie track like “She Wants Me Dead” with its bouncy guitars. Opener “Neon Tee Pee” features more frantic hooks with its caffeinated guitar spikes as the whole track is slowly swallowed whole by a cringing metallic texture. Later on, “Alice the Goon” comes into play with suddenly darker tendencies (almost with a pulsing post-punk vibe), boasting crackling guitars that have a destructive strobe light texture that seem to swallow everything whole as it melts the song down. The song quivers with this weird and nasty edge until the very end, hereby leaving us with an unexpectedly promising debut.

Now is probably a good idea to go and grab the debut 7″ directly from the Polyvinyl Craftsmen – there’s only 250 to go around!

Thursday 26 July 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 57

This week's show features a selection of records that have come through the letterbox this week, been rescued from the local dump or have been selected from our collective record boxes to share with you all. Hope you enjoy 'em.

If you're not subscribing on iTunes you can download this week's show here.

Let the Money Roll Right In – Mudhoney
Puppeting – Michael Yonkers
Barmy – The Fall
Doing Anything I Say – Dan Sartain
Isolation – Heavy Trash
Frontwards – Pavement
Miracles – Jackson Sisters
It’s Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) – Jackie De Shannon
Waste A Lot of Things – Jaill
Ugly Women – King Khan & his Lonely Guitar
Nevertheless – Brain Jonestown Massacre
Down in the Bottom – Howlin’ Wolf
She’s Alright – Muddy Waters
Call Me Animal – MC5
Upside Down – The Tropics of Cancer
It’s Only a Phonograph Record – Charlie Monroe
Phantom Pain – The Whispering Pines
Pretend You Love Me – Sonny and the Sunsets
Life is a Rehearsal – Country Teasers
Black Heart – Keith Hudson
The Universe – The Intelligence
Push th’ Little Daisies – Ween
Punk’s Pajamas – Strange Boys
Always Forever – Hunx
Come On! / Go Right Ahead – The Hives
Rock & Roll Machine – Atomic Suplex
What You Gonna Do – Manfred Mann

Thursday 19 July 2012

Church of Thee PVC Episode 10

Praise be sinners, Church of Thee PVC hits double figures this episode with songs going right back to Leadbelly and then coming bang up to date with new releases from  Ty Segall Band, The Intelligence and Cheap Time.

Download your hymn book here.

Songs of Praise

One Girl Man – The Lost Agency

I Cried – The Chains

Death of a Romantic – The Smugglers

Pop Song – Mikal Cronin & Ty Segall

Dokks – The Hussy

A Simple Mistake – Indian Wars

My Soap Won’t Float – The Regiment

Haunted House – Dead Ghosts

Get Along – Mikal Cronin

I Bought My Eyes – Ty Segall Band

City Hall – Graham Coxon

My Momma Said – Epsilons

More Cigarettes – Cheap Time

96 Larmes – Jack of Heart

Bottle Up and Go – Leadbelly

You Know I Got to Do It – Leadbelly

Test Drive – The Mummies

Swami – William Penn Fyve

Alice the Goon – Wobbly Lamps

Sunday 15 July 2012

More Wobbly Lamps reviews

We've had a couple more great reviews for the Wobbly Lamps EP this week, thanks to the blogs for their generous words.

There are now only 100 left of the limited run of 250, they are selling quickly so if you want to get your hands on a copy be quick.

Mad Mackerel - Introducing… Wobbly Lamps

The debut record by Southend’s Wobbly Lamps is the first release on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records (an independent DIY label set up by the team behind the Polyvinyl Craftsmen podcasts).

It contains three tracks of strutting garage rock that evokes the best of The Trashmen through to the surging sonics of the Stooges and the voodoo swagger of the Cramps. This is no pastiche though, these boys have enough going on of their own making to create an original blend of lo-fi rumble that is as trippy as it is threatening.

Try the pulsating sonics of Alice the Goon, it takes an intro that sounds like it has been dragged kicking and screaming from a sweaty Detroit basement club in the 60s, attaches it to a thrumming, hypnotic riff, and then slams a sleazy proto-punk chorus over the top for good measure. Absolutely marvellous.

Limited to just 250 copies of 7″ vinyl you can snap one up from Polyvinyl directly, Norman Records or Rough Trade. Be quick!

Listen With Monger - Wobbly Lamps Single Review

Wobbly Lamps – Neon Tee Pee/She Wants Me Dead (Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records)

It’s amazing what a trip to the kitchen can do for a record isn’t it. The first time I listened to this debut offering from Southend-on-Sea’s Wobbly Lamps I was indifferent so I went to pour myself a whisky and settled back in to my listening chair. After a couple of sips I pressed play again and suddenly the lo-fi, swampy, bluesy, garagey blusterings made much more sense. This is the music I grew up on but I’d forgotten all about. This is small town angst played out by men with bigger music collections than bank balances and more passion than ability. Now don’t get me wrong, these songs are well crafted and fall in to that ilk that houses the likes of the Jam, Doves and early Kaiser Chiefs. But there is something else here that makes it all the more appealing and that is a tendency to flirt with American blues rock which leaves you reaching for your Black Keys or White Stripes collections.

Lead track ‘Neon Tee Pee’ swaggers and staggers like a man that’s been up for three days on the mother of all benders but still knows which way ‘cool’ is even if he doesn’t know where home is. It’s a desperate, itchy, claustrophobic song that almost begs for mercy by the time it stumbles to a close but the circular riff will stay in your head long in to the night. Oddly, second track ‘She Wants Me Dead’ has a more Mancunian attitude to it with its swirling organs and distorted vocals but that’s no bad thing. There’s a defiant stomp to Wobbly Lamps that is hard to resist once it gets under your skin. Final track (and the lone B-side) ‘Alice The Goon 2’ is great for two reasons; 1) It is pure Mark E Smith and 2) It is named after one of my favourite cartoon characters, the indescribably ugly yet universally adored member of Popeye’s entourage that seemed to exist purely to make Olive Oil seem in some way attractive.

Like I said, its strange how a trip to the kitchen can change your mind about a band. To further the experiment, I tried going to the toilet after listening to Olly Murs but when I came back he was still shit. Go figure.

The single is limited to 250 7” pressings but is available at Rough Trade, Norman Records and by mail order from: http://polyvinylcraftsmen.blogspot.co.uk/

And maybe our favourite so far from the Czech Republic! Google translate's inadequacies only improve the review!

МЮZИKK - Wobbly Lamps EP (Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records)

Like Bodie, Doyle and Cowley, and Woobly Lamps give the British remember the seventies. However, while the boys got me out of CI5 through grainy black and white income and the Austrian television debut single Woobly Lamps pedaling as Bodie třílitr Ford Capri. Garážmistrem this from Southend-on-Sea arriving crew (Ricky Wicked, Paul Lagden, Lee Hall, Ashley Lyons, Del's Bells) is a podcast representative Polyvinyl Craftsmen ( Transmission 56 ) Paul Cooper, who premiered his own PVC brand devoted just a colleague Lagdenovi and post Wobbly-punk party LAMS. Do not hesitate. Record from Seamus Wong studio is based only on the 250 sedmipalcích!    

Thursday 12 July 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 56

Back to regular programming this week, hope you enjoyed the last couple of live broadcasts from Village Green. Transmission 56 features plenty of new releases including new songs from Ty Segall Band, The Fresh and Onlys, The Intelligence, The Hussy and Cheap Time. Mix that up with oldies from Alexis Korner, Umar Bin Hassan, The Mummies, Captain Beefheart and more and you've got another 90 minutes of musical magnificence to make the weekend sweeter.

Download the whole thing here.

Undefined – The Hussy
Hippy Provider – The Intelligence
Shake the Shackles – Crystal Stilts
I Want Your Love – Dead Ghosts
Tilt-a-Whirl – Leo & the Prophets
Die – The Mummies
Heaven’s Journey – Wild Billy Childish & the Chatham Singers
Diddy Wah Diddy – Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
I’m Tore Town – Alexis Korner
Burro – Beck
The Bird That You Can’t See – The Apples in Stereo
Homo – The UV Race
DedND – Gonja Sufi
40 Deuce Street – Umar Bin Hassan
Matchmaker – Joan Proctor
Summer’s Gone – The Cynics
Growing Faith – White Fence
But You’re Gone – The Brood
Yes or No – The Fresh and Onlys
Another Time – Cheap Time
See Him Go – People’s Temple
Bimbo’s Theme – The King Khan & BBQ Show
Ain’t Dumbo – Night Beats
Bells (w/ tremolo and distortion) – Sic Alps
Do You Remember Being a Roller – Hunx
Always Make Your Bed – Nodzzz
Oh Mary – Ty Segall Band

Monday 9 July 2012

Live from Thee Polyvinyl Marquee Part 2

Here is the second set from Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen Marquee at the Village Green, another 2 1/2 hours of vinyl selected for sitting around in the sun drinking beer. Look at that blue sky, that was about the last time we saw it in the UK!

Your download is here.

Friday 6 July 2012

Another great review for Wobbly Lamps single

Norman Records gave the Wobbly Lamps single five stars out of five in their weekly round-up of the week's releases, it only missed out on single of the week to a late arriving Ariel Pink single.

Here's what they said - 

"I’ve had to review a load of “difficult” experimental records all day and my brain is totally mashed so I’m delighted to pick up a couple of gems so late in the day when morale throughout the office was really on the wane. I’ve not heard these Wobbly Lamps before but they’re peddling garage pop in the vein of King Khan & The Shrines or the most recent Intelligencealbum. They sound like they’ve been listening to the Moonhearts and Marked Men and those kinds of ‘60s-pop-with-a-boot-up-its-arse bands who’ve been making my life better in recent years.

Thinking about it, it’s strange to see a band from England actually pulling off this kind of summer holiday garage aesthetic so well...’Alice the Goon’ on the B side is a swaggering Make Up-meets-Crampsy number, and all three tracks on here are brilliantly judged garage pop with totally uplifting ‘60s vocal harmonies far too bright to be obscured by any amount of fuzz. Despite the gnarliness of the tones the compositions are kept simple and spacious and the tunes are always boss. More please!"

So, we've had two reviews so far and both of them have been fantastic.

Make sure you get a copy before they're all gone, we've sold a third of the limited 250 run since the release last Saturday and we don't intend pressing any more.

You can get it from Norman Records, Rough Trade or from us here (where it's a little cheaper!)

Thursday 5 July 2012

Live from thee Polyvinyl Marquee part 1

This week we have part one of the DJ set thee PVC played at our marquee for the Village Green festival on Saturday.

There was 5 hours worth of vinyl to share with you so we've split it into two chunks, longer than our usual shows. There might be a couple of jumps here and there and some background noise occasionally as it was a bit windy and we had bands coming in and out of the tent all day.

Grab your own mini festival here.

A very big thanks to Dave Dawson from Radio Nova Lujon for streaming our stage live all day.

Monday 2 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps debut single available now

You can now buy the debut Wobbly Lamps EP on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records directly from us. It will be available at Rough Trade and Norman Records from next week too. Get it here and save yourself a little money, also we will ship worldwide.

Here is how Rough Trade describe the EP, "stonking debut from wobbly lamps. fuzzed up and drenched in a riff heritage that stretches back in time to the sonics and a whole host of frustrated garage-bound moronic geniuses, wobbly lamps wax 3 songs which bloodthirstily pummel minimalistic garage riffs the way billy childish used to. the vocals are dressed in distortion and immediacy and there's pleasing splashes of noise and synth trickery at the margins as the songs threaten to implode in on themselves. imagine the country teasers devoid of the abject misanthropy and replaced with a pop seam that squirts out at the edges like a fresh donut". Sums it up very succinctly we reckon.

The 3 tracks are: 
A1. Neon Tepee
A2. S.W.M.D (She Wants Me Dead)
B1. Alice The Goon

The single is limited to 250 copies only and each record is hand-stamped and comes wrapped in a thick paper sleeve designed by PVC and Wobbly Lamps member Paul Lagden.

Demand is high with 80 copies already gone via gig sales on Saturday and pre-orders. So if you want a copy, be quick, we won't be re-pressing.

The single is £5.00 + shipping. Please add shipping as follows: UK £1.75, Europe £3.50, Rest of the World £4.50. sorry for high shipping costs but the UK post office have just raised all their prices.

Paypal payments only please to pinhead45@waitrose.com

Sunday 1 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps "Alice The Goon" live at Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen Marquee

Here's some video of Wobbly Lamps playing "Alice The Goon" from their debut EP on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records. Available via mail order here from Monday 2nd July. Check back tomorrow for details of how to get your mitts on a copy. Limited to 250 copies with 50 already sold at the PVC Marquee on Saturday you'll want to get in quick. Once they're gone, they're gone, no repressing.

Photos from Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen Marquee at Village Green

Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen Marquee at the Village Green Festival yesterday was a blast. The Wobbly Lamps' EP sold like hotcakes so if you want a copy you'd better hurry. I'll be posting info on how to get the single in the next couple of days once I've calculated postage costs.

Here are a few photos of yesterday's festivities.

Son of Buff

The Vinyl Stitches

Wobbly Lamps

Coop spinning vinyl

Miggins and Laggers

Plotted up at Thee PVC Marquee

Blue skies, beer and music!