Monday 2 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps debut single available now

You can now buy the debut Wobbly Lamps EP on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records directly from us. It will be available at Rough Trade and Norman Records from next week too. Get it here and save yourself a little money, also we will ship worldwide.

Here is how Rough Trade describe the EP, "stonking debut from wobbly lamps. fuzzed up and drenched in a riff heritage that stretches back in time to the sonics and a whole host of frustrated garage-bound moronic geniuses, wobbly lamps wax 3 songs which bloodthirstily pummel minimalistic garage riffs the way billy childish used to. the vocals are dressed in distortion and immediacy and there's pleasing splashes of noise and synth trickery at the margins as the songs threaten to implode in on themselves. imagine the country teasers devoid of the abject misanthropy and replaced with a pop seam that squirts out at the edges like a fresh donut". Sums it up very succinctly we reckon.

The 3 tracks are: 
A1. Neon Tepee
A2. S.W.M.D (She Wants Me Dead)
B1. Alice The Goon

The single is limited to 250 copies only and each record is hand-stamped and comes wrapped in a thick paper sleeve designed by PVC and Wobbly Lamps member Paul Lagden.

Demand is high with 80 copies already gone via gig sales on Saturday and pre-orders. So if you want a copy, be quick, we won't be re-pressing.

The single is £5.00 + shipping. Please add shipping as follows: UK £1.75, Europe £3.50, Rest of the World £4.50. sorry for high shipping costs but the UK post office have just raised all their prices.

Paypal payments only please to


  1. Good initiative, Coop. What little I have heard of the band (here and a few videos on youtube) sounds very good. Give me a little time and maybe do a business.

    Best regards and sorry for my poor level of English!!

  2. Thanks for your comments, hope you decide to get yourself a copy!

    And your English is much better than my Spanish!

    Cheers, Coop

  3. Just ordered after reading review sounds great

  4. Nice one! I'll get it out in the post tomorrow.

    Cheers, Coop.