Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wobbly Lamps review at Mer Musique blog

the end of the sea.

Wobbly Lamps - Alice The Goon 
Wobbly Lamps - She Wants Me Dead 

paul from Polyvinyl Craftsmen (which is a killer blog by the way & currently has me addicted to their mixes) was nice enough to send me some sounds from uprising uk band Wobbly Lamps.

the following tracks are from their debut ep, Neon Tee Pee, which is concoction of upbeat rock tinged with a bit of loud garage. upon listening, this heavily channeled the cramps ala bad music for bad people & if you know that album then you'll probably get a feeling this ep is gonna be a good one. and get it while it's hot - currently this is limited to not so many releases!


  1. I was just in itunes and saw that the popularity of your podcasts has increased about 10 times. Very deserving. Maybe attributed to the WL reviews?

    Loved broadcast 58 - your Olympics dialogue had me laughing.

  2. Cheers Doug, never thought of checking that out myself, thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for your continued support.