Friday, 3 February 2023

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 482

Brevity is the order of the day for many of this week's tunes.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:

Round Up – Electronic Toys

Have A Good Time – Gene Defcon

Gloucester Park – Michelle Bappoo

¼ Dead – Rudimentary Peni

Fucking Kill Me – Osees

Funland At the Beach – Dead Kennedys

I’m So Green – Can

Kandy Korn – Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

Now I’m Happy – Marvin Pontiac

Ležaj Od Suza – Josipa Lisac

Fasten Seat Belt – Space

Ghetto Guns – Randy’s All Stars

Verberation int. – The Focus Group

Car Radio – Spoon

Raw Meat – Black Lips

Burden of the Captain – The Growlers

Tandoori Party – The Tandoori Knights

Problems – The Heathens

A Monkey In A Silo – Jim White

Days of Decision – Morrissey

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – The Members with John Perry of The Only Ones

Cripple Creek Ferry – Neil Young

Waxie’s Dargle – The Pogues

Days Like These (John Peel session) – Billy Bragg

I Have Been To the Mountain – Kevin Morby

Hard To Be A God – Whitney K

Top Cat Theme

Friday, 27 January 2023

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 481


Aye aye! Welcome to this week's dose of PVC where you can find all kindsa tunes to hum along with while you are showering, running, hiking, driving, vegetating or procrastinating. Multi purpose sounds for the modern human.

Download it here.

Don’t Be Scared, I Love You – Bill Ryder Jones

Either You Don’t Love Me Or I Don’t Love You – The Magnetic Fields

Freeloader Feast – Deliluh

The Lee Shore – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Wicked Ways – Pork

Is It It Or Is It I? – Astrel K

Feed Me Magnetic Rain – Cavern of Anti-Matter

It’s Me And You, Kid – King Hannah

She’s Still Gone – Trashmuseum

Like Up To Me – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood

My Pillow Is the Threshold – Silver Jews

The Fall – Beat Happening

Illya Kurayakin – Ike & Crystalites

Mind Your On – Carla dal Forno

Excuse Me – Purrkur Pillnikk

Banging & Shouting – Patrik Fitzgerald

Amphetamine Blue – The Fallen Angels

You’ll Get Yours Aplenty – Blaze Foley

Somos Todos Irmâos – Zito Righi E Seu Conjunto

Let’s Party People – Reality

Moliendo Café – Aldemaro Romeo Y Su Onda Nuevo

Gangster Surf – Tremelo Beergut

E.A.G. (Pop God) – Nikki McClure

Baby’s Arm – Kurt Vile

Let the Four Winds Blow – Roy Brown

Jackie’s Racing – Whiteout

Popcorn – Library Vultures

Thursday, 19 January 2023

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 480

Cold this week, make sure you're keeping your nose warm. PVC nosewarmers, price on application.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:
Bay City Rollers We Love You – Tartan Horde
Behind the Wall of Sleep – The Smithereens
Wet Hot Beef (Part 1) – Fat White Family
Silent Shockwave – Asbestos Salesman
Don’t Let It Get You Down – Spoon
Some Things Sound Better in Space – The Bug Club
Vacation – Duck Hunt
Start Your Life Again – McCookerybook and Rotifer
Pissweed – Sandy Pussy
No Difference – Large Plants
Grumpy Joa – Minami Deutsch
Designed – Pablo
Cigarettes and Concrete - Asbestos Salesman
Sinners of the World – Oliver Cherer
For the Sake of the Song – Townes Van Zandt
Keep On Talking – Dan Penn
Tomorrow’s Gone – Charlie Megira
Shake, Shake Mama (Cherry Ball) – Mance Lipscomb
Witchfinder General Opening Titles – Paul Ferris
Hang-Ten! The Soup Dragons
Rivers of Babylon – The Melodians
Things That I Have To Do To Exist - Asbestos Salesman
Plants and Rags – PJ Harvey
Let’s Spend Some Time Together – Selector Dub Narcotic
Costly Engineered Illusion – Crack Cloud
What You Can Do In Your Life – Petalouda
Crimson Moon (Queen’s Hall 2004) – Bert Jansch

Thursday, 5 January 2023

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 479

Some favourites from 2022, some recent purchases from a closing down record shop, some holiday buys plus a handful of oldies.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:
Panic in the Isles of Splendour - Ghost Power
Virtuous Industry - Crack Cloud
Come Around - Carla Dal Forno
Two Strangers - Whitney K
Foolius Caesar - King Hannah
Porcupines - The Wave Pictures
Waiting around to Die - Townes Van Zandt
Track X - Black Country, New Road
Love Comes Home to Paris in the Spring - The Magnetic Fields
Hysterical Rooters - Sad Eyed Beatniks
A Coat of Butterflies - Kevin Morby
Get Deluded - The Cool Greenhouse
Bring Cherhill Down - Julian Cope
Huarache Lights (Soulwax Remix) - Hot Chip
Miss Modular – Stereolab
Small Stakes – Spoon
Sunlit Uplands – Nightingales
Milkshake - The Pink Diamond Revue
Pour the Light In - The Reds, Pinks and Purples
Flickering I – Astrel K
Homage to Bindnoculars – Horsegirl
Nervous Wreck - Radio Stars
Girl from 62 - Thee Headcoats
Monstroon - Belbury Poly
Hey Little Child - Alex Chilton
Crazy Feeling - Lou Reed
Shake, Shake, Shake - White Denim

Friday, 30 December 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 478

A tribute to Terry Hall with half of this week's tunes, very sadly missed. It's all a load of bollocks.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:

Blank Expression – Specials

Pearl’s Café – Specials

The Telephone Always Rings – The Fun Boy Three

Thinking of You - The Colourfield

Monkey in Winter - The Colourfield

Shadows Fall – The Coral

Some Velvet Morning – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood

The Marsist – Frank Black

You’ve Got To Hold On – The Deviants

Paradise – Marble Orchard

Guess It’s Not A Great Day To Be Me – Terry Hall

Ballad of A Landlord - Terry Hall

The Hour of Two Lights - Terry Hall & Mushtaq

The Life and Times (of A Man Called Depression) – The Specials

Fuck All the Perfect People - The Specials

Another Weekend – Ariel Pink

Things To Do – Pork

No Room – Stirling

Old Shit/New Shit – Eels

The Good Old Summertime – Noonday Underground

Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 477 ( A Festive-ish Frolic)

A fair smattering of seasonal songs in this week's show for those who like that kinda thing. Plenty of other stuff for those humbug merchants that don't. Seasons greetings all from thee shed x

Festive download is here.

Thee Songs:
Chaconne In G – Moondog
Obsessed and Obscure - Matt Berry 
The Man Who Sold the World - David Bowie
Silent Night - Phil Spector
Little Star of Bethlehem - Can
Walking with Jesus - Spaceman 3
Feliz Navidad - El Vez
Silver Bells - Moon Duo 
Hark the Herald Angels Sing - The Fall
Little Fat Baby - Sparklehorse
You and I vs the World-  The Make Up
Crazy Little Thing - Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
Bewitched – Beat Happening
Remember Me - The Trinikas
Lovetown - The Glands
High for Christmas - Motherfucker 666
Rocket Ship Santa - The Bellrays
Christmas in Baghdad - Black Lips
Wintery Kisses - Baxter Dury
Little Bit of Everything -Ernie K. Doe
Party Down - Clifton Chenier and his Red Hot Louisiana Band
Shapeshifter - Richard Dawson 
Love Minus Zero - The Walker Brothers
Respect – Kukumbas
Christmas on Riverside Drive - August Darnell
Here Comes Santa Claus - The Ramsey Lewis Trio
A Merry Jingle - The Greedies

Thursday, 15 December 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 476

Transmission 476, ting revealed.

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Audrey’s Dance – Angelo Badalamenti
Finale a) Parade b) Peter Plays Some Blues – Jimmy Smith
Just Like Christmas – Low
How Long Blues – Jimmy Yancey
Nightmare – Don Bishop
Newspaper Pane – Elvis Costello
Diamond Shine – The Clean
Bear Rug – Tony Rodelle Larson
Not For You – Beatglider
Better Call Saul – Little Barrie
Rise Up Shepherd – Nick Lowe
Dead End Exits – Brown Spirits
Night Crawler (Live) – Thee Oh Sees
Mantra Del Bicho Feo – Juana Molina
I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar – The United States of America
No Man’s Land – McCookerybook and Rotifer
Bossa Per Due – Nicola Conte
Get Up and Use Me – Fire Engines
Peckham 123 – Library Vultures
Feeling Immortal – Shintaro Sakamoto
Can’t Get Used To Losing You – Andy Williams
Dirty Jim – Richard Swift
Victor Borgia – Stephen Malkmus
Morality – Smog
The Death Dance of the Busty Hot Lifeguard Instructor Babe – Charlie Megira
Cool It Down – Velvet Underground
Nicotine – The Vikings