Friday 17 May 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 38 Redux

This one's from January 12 years ago, where has the time gone!

Download it here.

Thee Songs:
Don’t Ever Change – Bare Wires
Tide – Mikal Cronin
I’m Watching You – Jay Reatard
Mazes – Moon Duo
Safety – Beth Orton
The Floppy Boot Stomp – Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band
No More Doggin’ – Tony McPhee
Arthur Brown – Andy Ellison
Crazy With Loneliness – Harlan T. Bobo
Conka Fight in Wendy’s House – Sexton Ming
Bucket O’ Blood – Big Boy Groves
Knife Fight – The UV Race
Love – Umar Bin Hassan
Body – Alice Cooper
Jessica – Adam Green
I Believe – Wild Billy Childish & the Chatham Singers
Dippin’ in My Business – Rose Marie McCoy
Stormy – Jesters of Newport
Take A Heart – The Sorrows
Hold On – Mark Sultan
Built a Horse – The Beets
Oh Lord – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Gossip – Cyril Neville
EHWPSA – Country Teasers
Song in Grey – Mark Sultan
Torture – Le Pecheur
You Make the Sun Fry – Ty Segall

Thursday 9 May 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 523


Back in the bunker after a couple of weeks holiday we have a special guest this week. We're joined by Sam from First Day of Spring who you can find on Bandcamp here. Seminal.

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Jack – U.S. Girls
Gary’s Song – Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF
Harvey - Alex G
Roller Girl – Anna Karina
Hang A Picture – Thee Oh Sees
Relative Poverty – Mozart Estate
The Dreaming Mind – Quantic & his Combo Barbaro
Blonde On Blonde – Harlem
Toad – Viagra Boys
Hang A Picture – Thee Oh Sees
Broke – Modest Mouse
Obaa Sima – Ata Kak
Underbitch – Poison Girls
Reg – Paddy Kingsland & the Radiophonic Workshop
Diversity – Scatterbrain
Day Moving On – Woods
Groovy Woovy – Circle O’Fire
One Way Spit – Debris
Paraguayan Punk – Juana Molina
Big Black Hole – Oblivians
Gentleman In Black – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
The Life I Live – Q65
Susan vs Youth Club – The Fall
Cruising Dub – Bitty McLean
Rudderless Ship – Astrel K
Take A Look (At Yourself) – Guru feat, Roy Ayers
You’re So Much – the Sea Urchins
Video Life – Chris Spedding
Explosive Corrosive Joseph – The John Shroeder Orchestra
I Saw Her Cry – Angel Oak
Love Is the Tune – Mary Lattimore

Friday 3 May 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 32 Redux


One of us is lying a round a swimming pool in the sun this week, they other two aren't jealous. Not with the beautiful UK weather this week. So we're going back in time again to December 2011.

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Chem-Farmer – Thee Oh Sees
No Carpenter – Thee Marvin Gays
Communicated to Death – OBN IIIs
Please Stop Fucking Each Other – Country Teasers
Give It Up – Lee Dorsey
Won’t Go Out – Holly Golightly
Been Down So Long – The Vinyl Stitches
People Don’t Change Blues – The Growlers
I Am With You – Ty Segall
Blue Eyes – The International Submarine Band
Different Drum – Mike Nesmith
Annie – Ronnie Lane
Regulator John – Queens of the Stone Age
Lovefingers – Silver Apples
Laurie – Daniel Johnston
Alone Again Or – Love
Travelling Around – Circus Maximus
Movin’ In – Heinz
The KKK Took My Baby Away – Ramones
What Did I Tell You – Reigning Sound
Mind Eraser – Digital Leather
Hey Bastard – S.T.P.
You Never Will Be – Graham Coxon
Message From the Law – Sic Alps
Oceans Burning – The Horrors
I Think We Might Be Weirdos – The Tumbledryer Babies
Spiderman in the Flesh – Country Teasers

Friday 26 April 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 31 Redux


Holidays and then travelling has meant no new show and a reduxed show that is hours late. Sorry all!

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Tomorrow – Kitty Daisy & Lewis
Alocatel – Mexican Institute of Sound
J’vas Mon Chemin – Mama Rosin
Disco Title Music for Dahshat – Bappi Lahiri
Too Many Creeps – Bush Tetras
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush – Traffic
Magic Circle in the Sky – The Male Nurse
Not Good Enough – Chain & the Gang
Cab It Up! - The Fall
Worm Tamer (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix) – Grinderman
Kowalski – Primal Scream
Tom Cat – Muddy Waters
Wind Up Doll – Subsonics
Carioca – Aqua-Nites
Looking for Lewis and Clark – The Long Ryders
Everything’s Roses – Fire Engines
Foggy Notion – Velvet Underground
100% - Sonic Youth
Goodbye Bread – Ty Segall
I’m A Thief – The Fresh & Onlys
I Can’t Wait – Nodzzz
Oh Katrina – The Dirtbombs
Mona – Thee Milkshakes
Read About Seymour – Swell Maps
Golden Girl – The Rabble
Lawrence of Euphoria – Alexander Spence
Expecting – The White Stripes

Friday 19 April 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 522


What does your soul look like? Is it as black as Beryl's?

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Kites – Simon Dupree & the Big Sound
Sweet Marylin – Metal Boys
Lichtenstein Girl – Television Personalities
Weakness – Inspiral Carpets
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Whore – Can
Variations II Sur le Theme Ds Bene Geserit – Richard Pinhar
Dilettanti – The Braen’s Machine
I Hear You Calling – Kevin Morby
California Here I Come – River
Songs of the Night Life – Luke Vibert/BJ Cole
Good To Go – Trouble Funk
Trädgården – Lucerne feat. Shitkid
Handglams – Ty Segall
Ghetto Cross – Black Lips
Ray O Vac – Royal Trux
Drums Over London - Disco Zombies
What Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt. 4) – DJ Shadow
Wrecking Ball – Emmylou Harris
What May Come – Lonnie Liston Smith
The Lady Rachel – Kevin Ayers
Mr Fix-It – Jeffree
Inside Out – Primal Scream
I Bleed – Pixies
Ambulance City – Pink Mountaintops
Sleeping On Roads – Coley Park
Hesitate – Boots For Dancing
Mik Mak Mok – Julian Cope

Thursday 11 April 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 521


Eye de eye campers! Lots of 7" action in this weeks show!

Download it here.

Thee Songs:
Mandingo – Vytas Brenner
Battery – Malojian
Afternoon – The Modern Lovers
A Bout De Soufflé – Marie at les Garçons
Subway Joe – Joe Batan
Space 1999 – Geoff Love Orchestra
Patricia Twist - Perez Prado
Topsy Turby – Topsy Turbys
Undegchwech – Yr Niwl
Flames – Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera
I Hear You Calling – Bill Fay
I Hate the Universe – The Cravats
Heavy Is the Head – Astrel K
Cath the Beat (Scratch the Beat) – T.Ski Valley
Eyes -Wine Lips
Mess Around - The Marmalade
The United States of Longo – The Longo Allstars
Baby Don’t You Weep - Edward Hamilton and the Arabians
The Spastic – The Rebel
Sissyneck – Beck
Domestic Gesture – Miss Rayon and Cloudmaster
You Take My Money – The Damned
Let’s Be Badder – Lucern Raze feat. Cherry Pickles
Ain’t That A Bitch – Johnny Guitar Watson
Teach Me How To Fly – Flake
Children of the Sun – The Misunderstood
Funky Velvet – Black Velvet

Friday 5 April 2024

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 520


We are risen! Things have kept us out of the bunker for a while, it's nice to be back. Lots of new records as a result of a couple of weeks away.

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Sweeney 2 (Theme From the Film) – The Tony Hatch Orchestra
Uplifting Abyss – Jovana Maljokovica
Hung On A Wire - The Bevis Frond
Kamikaze – Wine Lips
I Wouldn’t Change A Thing – Coke Escovedo
Claire – Baxter Dury
Who Is Anybody? – John Bramwell
Time – Ty Segall & White Fence
Jenny Ondioline Part 2 – Stereolab
Canyon – Zack Keim
Let Love Flow On – Sonya Spence
Dead in the Suburbs – Los Reactors
Microneseren – Bobby Hughes Combination
Photo Couleur - A3 Dans Les WC
Summer – The Surfing Magazines
Switchblade – Ron Thompson His Rowdy Guitar and the Broughams
Trick Or Treat – Bryan ‘Legs’ Walker and the Rock-A-Taires
I’m Doubtful Of Your Love – Benny Joy
Bad Girls Parts 1 & 2 – Lee Moses
Tocyn – Whyte Horses
I’m Talking About You – The Missfits
Backstreets – Guru feat. Lonnie Liston Smith
New Amsterdam – Elvis Costello
We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded Like A River – Richmond Fontaine
Arauco – Robert Wyatt
Athens, France – Black Country, New Road
I Want To Kill My Brother, the Cymbal Head – The Flaming Lips