Friday 26 February 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 219

Into our fifth year, it's business as usual with 27 porky prime cuts. Turn it up to ten and give your ear drums a rattle.

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Thee songs: 
Bellevue Baby – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Repetition – David Bowie
Time Machine – Make-Up
Surfin’ Sasquatch – X Ray Cat Trio
List of Demands (Reparations) – Saul Williams
Rock On – Tortoise
At the Station – Pow!
Master Builder – Gong
Albert – Essential Logic
Smog – Dug Dug’s
Saisis La Corde – La Femme
Lamont’s Requiem – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Hup Two Three Four – The Sid Presley Experience
Mover & A Groover – Thee Jezebels
Ya No Ya Wanna – Coachwhips
Snakesurfing – Hayvanlar Alemi
Squeeze Bees – Ivor Cutler
Souka Seleman – Alkibar Gignor
Cinnamon Baby – The Wave Pictures
Never Too Far – Time Hardin
Joe Meek – Wreckless Eric
Prick Up Your Ears – Yeah Yeah Noh
The Ruling Class – The Monochrome Set
The Gas Face – 3rd Bass
In the Roses – Wooden Shjips
Nailing Honey to the Bee – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Spring Song – Ottilie Patterson

Friday 19 February 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 218 (Five Years of PVC)

What a beautiful morning it is in PVCland, cold and bright with a lovely nip in the air - perfect for celebrating our fifth anniversary.

Thanks to all who've tuned in over the last fives years to listen to our records and sometimes drunken ramblings, it's good to know that there are people all over who share our eclectic tastes and passion for records.

What we've done this week is go back and re-record our first show, it's not been available for a while due to changing podcasting hosts so we thought it might be a cool way to celebrate our little anniversary. Who knows, it might even sound a little bit more professional (no promises though!)

As a little bonus here is a photo of where the magick happens, we've shared some pictures in the past of the inside of Thee Shed but here's what it looks like from the outside (it's strictly off the grid on Google Maps as it exists in a parallel universe).

Enough waffle, here's the music and thanks again for tuning in - Laggers, Miggins and Coop x.

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Thee Songs: 
Troglodyte – Jimmy Castor Bunch
Beginning To See the Light – Velvet Underground
Last Time Around – The Del-Vetts 
Back Slop - Baby Earl & the Trini Dads
Five and Ten – Link Wray
Jaguar – The Dirtbombs
Mexico Wax Solvent – The Fall
Treat Me Like A Dog – King Khan & the BBQ Show
Fujiyama Mama – Wanda Jackson
Bird Doggin’ Gene Vincent
I Said Alright – The Vinyl Stitches
Lipstick On Your Collar – The Saints
Brass Knuckles - Personal & the Pizzas
Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio – Joe Boot & the Fabulous Winds
I Sell Soul – Rocket from the Tombs
Archaeopteryx  - The Fire Dept
Tally Ho – The Clean
Bull in the Heather – Sonic Youth
Psycho Killer – Cage the Elephant
Work - Scott 4
Standing On My Own Again – Graham Coxon
Back To Rosie – The Yum Yums
I Don’t Want Nobody, I Want You - The Boyfriends
All Kindsa Girls – The Real Kids
Someday Soon – Harlem
Caesar - Ty Segall
You Can’t Resist – The Headcoatees
Turn Tail and Run – The Young Knives
What a Waste – Ian Dury & the Blockheads
Monkey on My Back – Clinic
Reflections of a Gutter – Subsonics
Time Bomb High School – Reigning Sound
Needle in the Camel’s Eye – The Wolfmen
Golden Apples – Country Teasers
Calculator – Micachu & the Shapes
The Devil – The Beets
Patricia Twist - Perez Prado
Shortnin’ Bread – The Readymen
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance - Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention

Friday 12 February 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 217

Bumper show for you this week with an extra nine songs.

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Thee songs: 
Victim of Circumstances – The Mummies
Ganroku Hanami Odori – Takeshi Terauchi 7 the Bunnys
Shot Shot – Gomez
All By Myself – Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers
Cooking For Television – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Downloading Porn With Davo – Moldy Peaches
All’s I Got Is R’n’R – Reatards
Stop Breaking Down – The White Stripes
Kewpies Like Watermelons – Urusei Yatsura
Be Brave – Strange Boys
Feeling Good – Chrissy Zebby Tembo
Nothing Like You – Sebadoh
Turn Each Other Inside Out – Primal Scream
Non-Alignment Pact – Pere Ubu
Whitest Boy On the Beach – Fat White Family
There’s A Star In You – Done Gere
Divine – Golden Teacher
Dolores – Stanley Brinks & the Wave Pictures
Ah Pook the Destroyer/Brion Gysin’s All-Purpose Bedtime Story – William S. Burroughs
UFO, Please Take Her Home – Coachwhips
Everything Goes – ESG
Very – Damaged Bug
Leftover Wine – Melanie
Redirected – Kelley Stoltz
New Guitar In Town – The Lurkers
Security – Thane Russal + Three
Sam Stone - John Prine
The Jackal (The Illest Mix) – Ronny Jordan Meets DJ Krush
The Overviewer – Kool Keith
Primitive – The Groupies
Dying Alive – Singapore Sling
All Illustration of Loneliness – Courtney Barnett
Creaky Door – The Soronprfbs
Gratitude – Beastie Boys
Free Again – Teenage Fanclub
Streets Of Baltimore (Alternate Version) – Gram Parsons

Friday 5 February 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 216

Look at those smokin' sisters, they've got the PVC habit!

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Thee Songs: 
L’Ultima Diligenza Di Red Rock  (Versione Integrale) – Ennio Morricone
Hits Hits Hits – The Fat White Family
Lemon Honey – Willie Weird
Is It True? – Brenda Lee
Dobermins – Gonjasufi
Leisurely Waiting – Debris
Go Lie – The Blind Shake
Try – Singapore Sling
Telephone – The Black Angels
International News – National Wake
They Don’t Know – Boys Forever
Now You’re All Alone – David Hess
Chosen One – Smog
Blue Jeans – Ladytron
At Last I Am Free – Robert Wyatt
Make Me A Pallet On the Floor – Jimmy Yancey
Cissy Strutt – Bill Ravi Harris & the Prophets
Concentration – Dennis Landry
Popcorn – The Upsetters
Yèkèrmo Sèw – Mulatu Astatke
Radio Drill Time – Josef K
What’s Mine Is Yours – King Khan & BBQ Show
On the Road South – The Stereo Shoestring
War In Peace – Alexander Spence
Circumstances – Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Grape Basement – Damaged Bug
Love Not Dead – Daniel Johnston