Thursday 24 April 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 131

Happy Friday fiends! Here's you weekly shot of musical goodness from Laggers, Miggins and Coop.

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Thee Songs:
NYC’s Like A Graveyard – The Moldy Peaches
Don’t Tread On Me – Kit & the Outlaws
You’re Gonna Miss Me – Ann Sexton
Inna City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Grover Washington Jr
You Can Have Your Watergate – The JBs
Japanese Cowboy – Ween
Night Time – The Night Terrors
Lam Plearn Charoen Jit – Banyen Rakkaen
Crystal Blue Persuasion – Tommy James and the Shondells
Run Cold – Holly Golightly
Panty Shots - Country Teasers
I’m A Mummy – The Fall
Memories – The Amazing Snakeheads
Yellow Man – The Fat White Family
Frying Pan – Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
Car Trouble Part 1/ Part 2/ Kick – Adam and the Ants
Warhead – UK Subs
Evelyn – Pop Will Eat Itself
Cocaine – Abner Jay
Lex Lugor – The Cenubites
Bang – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Saisis La  Corde – Le Femme
Nonphenomenal Lineage – Grandaddy
1979 – Smashing Pumpkins
Rico Special – Rico Rodriguez
Swamp – That Petrol Emotion
Love & A Molotov Cocktail – The Flys

Sunday 20 April 2014

New Polyvinyl Craftsmen iTunes link

Itunes have now sorted out the new feed to our show there so that you can subscribe as of last Friday's show. As we thought, this means that old the old shows are no longer available through iTunes, we did warn you last week, so we hope you downloaded the ones you wanted. There was nothing we could do about this with Mevio changing their service and no longer offering podcast hosting, sorry.

Here is the new iTunes page so that you can subscribe and download all future shows: Polyvinyl Craftsmen iTunes

Friday 18 April 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 130

Happy Easter folks, here's our show for you to enjoy while you gorge yourself on choccie eggs and hot cross buns over the long weekend (in the UK anyway).

You might notice the player has changed this week as we've switched to Podbean to host our podcasts from now on. This is because Mevio have stopped hosting podcasts, we used them before to put our shows on iTunes. As I mentioned in a post earlier this week we thought this would mean our old shows would be unavailable on iTunes. Well. it looks like our future shows might too, as I submitted the new feed from Podbean to iTunes and they rejected it. I've emailed to ask why but haven't had a response, hopefully we can get it resolved but for the time being you'll have to download the shows from the link below and listen to them on iTunes or whatever player you use, sorry.

You can listen to the show here too:
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And the download is here:
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Let us know how you get on with the new player etc......

This week's selection:
Linus and Lucy – Vince Guaraldi
Here It Comes Again – The Amazing Snakeheads
Wave of Mutilation – Pixies
I Only Fucked You As A Joke – Childbirth
Swing – The Jesus and Mary Chain
I’m So Depressed – Abner Jay
Lamonts Requiem – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Disappearing Angel – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
I Can’t Understand Your Problem – Jeff Monn
Blue Jean Baby – Velvet Morning
Blue Bird (The Bees Instrumental) – Oneself
Mambo No. 7000 – Graham Mushnik
You Love Me Pretty Baby – Banny Price
Sure As Spring – La Luz
Jelly Roll Gum Drop – Sic Alps
All of the Time – The Sufis
Gonna Put Me Down – The Clydes
Egg Raid On Mojo – Hunx and his Punx
Chuck Berry Holiday – Nobunny
Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It) – The Lovely Eggs
Crocodile Tears - The Mumps
Cover It With Gas and Set It On Fire – Ween
Bounty Killers – Depth Charge
UFO Please Take Her Home – Coachwhips
Drop – Thee Oh Sees
Waiting In Vain – The Pharmacy
Waynes Pet Youngin’ - Ween

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Important iTunes info re Polyvinyl Craftsmen

As of Friday 18th April Mevio will no longer host podcasts. As all of our shows up to #129 were uploaded via Mevio it looks like they will no longer be available on iTunes after that date.

If you want to download any PVC shows you should do it quickly as they may all be gone by Friday.

Shows from 35 onward and our Church of Thee PVC shows are here:

From this Friday all future shows will be hosted by Podbean and will be available from iTunes.

Friday 11 April 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 129

Happy Friday people! The sun's shining on the Thames Delta this morning and it looks like being a good weekend. Here is this week's selection of songs courtesy of, Laggers, Miggins and myself, hope you find something you've never heard before to float your boat and soundtrack your weekend.

Download it here.

Thee songs:
Eggs At Night – Damaged Bug
Can’t Get Away – Chain & the Gang
Dead Energy – Thee Oh Sees
Acting Strange – Blank Realm
The Awakening of Edmund Hirondelle Barnes – The Len Bright Combo
SPAZZ – The Elastik Band
If I’m in Luck I Might Get Picked Up – Betty Davis
Whip the Booty - -Andre Williams
Plastic Cowboy - The Yummy Fur
Try It Again – Jeffrey Lewis
Get That Heart – White Denim
Picture of Health – Parquet Courts
Fireball – Cyanide
Collission Boogie – The Jim Jones Revue
Harnessed In Slums – Archers of Loaf
Mansize (demo) – PJ Harvey
Doldrums – Fungi Girls
Golden Apples – Country Teasers
Mouth Mountain – Holy Wave
Call the Police – Oblivians
Antitaxi – La Femme
Drive By Buddy - The Black Lips
Super Kiwi – Yo La Tengo
Underground VKTM – Bobby Conn
Frightened – The Fall
Ince Ince – Selda
She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips

Collage imagery this week again provided by Emma Perry.

Friday 4 April 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 128

Welcome back Laggers after an extended absence. We've missed him and his tunes and know you have too. Hear straight from the horse's mouth where he's been, shocking news indeed!

You can download it here if you feel the urge.

This week's selection:
Animal Party – King Khan & BBQ Show
Lips – Micachu and the Shapes
Shark Fucks – Tronics
When We Comin’ Through – The Herms
Your Face – Kelley Stoltz
Backwards Bird Inc. – Morgan Delt
Out of My Mind On Dope and Speed – Julian Cope
Touch the Leather (Redux) – The Fat White Family
Sleepwalker - Thee American Revolution
Inner Babylon – Sons of Kemet
Happy But On My Way – The Beets
AlfĂ´mega – Caetano Velosa
Circuito Chiuso – Armando Sciascia
Mary Jane – Slim Twig
Year of the Dog - Fuck Buttons
Kill the Poor – Dead Kennedys
Make You Mine – Black Lips
I Wonder – Brittany Howard & Ruby Amufu
Someone Great - LCDS Soundsystem
Blue Moon – Beck
Everything’s Roses – The Fire Engines
Tick – Ween
Swag – Ty Segall
Movie Head – Sic Alps
Northern Sky – Nick Drake
Little Bit of Rain – Fred Neil
She Used to Love Me A Lot – Johnny Cash

Thanks again to Emma Perry for this week's collage image.