Thursday 26 November 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 208

Fuck Black Friday, you get a top bargain every Friday with thee PVC.

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Transmission 208
Trade Winds – Archie and the Bunkers
Watch Your Back – The Coathangers
Funnel of Love – The Fall
Fire Corner – King Stitt
Phantom – The Dynamites
Coffin Maker – Chrissy Zebby Tembo
Whiskey Man – Doug Hream Blunt
Scowling Crackhead Ian – Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts
Don’t Let Your Dream Die – Willie Weird
Call the Police – Quintron and Miss Pussycat with Oblivians
Emerald Red – The Rabble
Why Spend the Dark Night With You – Moondog
Rockit – Herbie Hancock
Any Time Cowboy – Country Teasers
The River Rushes (To Screw Me Over) – Thee Oh Sees
Ghost In the Trees – Thee Oh Sees
The Dream – Thee Oh Sees
Air – Onyx
No Trophy – The Bees
Freedom Fries – The Black Lips
Mum’s Drunk – The Amps
Distant Dreams (Part Two) – Throbbing Gristle
Vowels of Love – Poets
Mess of Pottage – The Headcoatees
Birthday Blues – Wreckless Eric
Neuschnee – Neu!

Thursday 19 November 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 207 - Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

A rare themed show for you this week with 9 animal, 9 vegetable and 9 mineral songs.

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Thee songs:  
The Pigeon – Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts
Ride the Tiger – Doug Hream Blunt
Do the Duck – Autographs
Collard Greens – Freddie McCoy
Red Cabbage – Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers
Horror Asparagus Stories – The Driving Stupid
Nickel Bags – Digable Planets
Diamond Shine – The Clean
Crystal Lake – Grandaddy
Green Beans – The Lovely Eggs
Pumpkin Pie – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
Potato – Tyvek
Slates, Slags Etc. – The Fall
Sapphire – Digital Leather
Mr Fire Coal Man – Stiff Little Fingers
Steak For Chicken – The Moldy Peaches
The Cows Are Strong – Sexton Ming
Pink Gorilla – White Fence
You Take Everything For Granite When You’re Stone – Strange Boys
Lovely Gold – Michael Yonkers
Diamond Skull – Atomic Suplex
Rat City – Jack Oblivian
Zebra – Youngsters
The Weasel – Little Eddie
Spunky Onions – Johnny Adams
Black Potato – The Rabble
Call Any Vegetable – The Mothers

Friday 13 November 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 206

Welcome to the shed people; 3 tools and 27 tunes for you!

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Thee tunes: 
Detour – Bo Diddley
Rock ‘n’ roll/ Ega – Daniel Johnston
You Will Never Be – Graham Coxon
Susan’s House – Eels
Going Out – Supergrass
Little Girl – The Banned
Guilty Of Love – Unloved
April Skies – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Dog Is Life/ Jerusalem – The Fall
Oh Brother – Sister Irene O’Connor
Atomic Bomb – William Onyeabor
Owed T’ Alex – Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Dou You Like Gospel Music? – Make-Up
Never Knew I Had It So Bad – Thee Midnighters
Tear the Club Up – The Dirtbombs
So What’cha Want – Beastie Boys
It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – The Residents
Laying Down Rock – Drinks
Ring-A-Ding-Dong – Liliput
You’re Not My Real Dad – Childbirth
Feel Like Giving In – Dutronc! Dutronc! Dutronc!
Let the Heartaches Begin – Long John Baldry
Beaver Shot – The Periscopes
Time of the Scab – Black Lips!
Dimples – John Lee Hooker
I Fought the Law – The Bobby Fuller Four
Granny Scratch Scratch – Sound Dimension

Friday 6 November 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 205

#205 is open for business.

I Remember – Walter Rizzati
Killing Car – Philippe Brejean
Six Days –DJ Shadow
Don’t Throw Your Love Into the Garbage – Vicki Anderson
Gonna Get Along Without You Now – Skeeter Davis
The Plan – Richard Hell and the Voivoids
Mrs Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel
What A Waste – Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Empty Heart – Question Mark and the Mysterians
Pick the Cat’s Eyes Out – The Scrotum Poles
Get Up, Get Out – Timmy’s Organism
Candy Clock – Thee Oh Sees
Big Shot – Bonzo Dog Band
Piledriver – Dennis the Fox
Wrong Time Capsule – Deerhoof
Ethio Song – Amen Dunes
Opus 40 – Mercury Rev
Vegetable – Acid Baby Jesus
Alcohol – The Kinks
(I Don’t Like) The Man I Am – Thee Headcoats
I Will Miss the Jasmine – Shannon & the Clams
A Non Person – Dan Melchior
I Want It, I Need It (Death Heated) – Death Grips
Message the Messenger – Gil Scott-Heron
Hard Times of Old England – The Rebel
All Above – Mr Airplane Man
My Two Cents On Crime – Bikes