Thursday 24 January 2019

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 346

After hours of anti-Gremlin combat in thee shed we have finally managed to whip #346 into some kind of shape. Copious amounts of doubled sided of tape were used, you'll never spot the joins.

Download our hard work here.

Thee Songs:

Ain’t That Too Much – Gene Vincent

Church Bells May Ring – The Willows

You Have My Blessing – Mary Johnson

Committed to Park View – Johnny Cash

News – Moebius & Plank

A Real Indication – Thought Gang

Random Violence – Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps

Nothing to Say – The Kinks

Eat Yerself Fitter – Jeffrey Lewis and los Bolts

Meet Ze Monsta – PJ Harvey

Sweet Charity – Mary Ocher

Окно – Интурист

Lux Prima – Karen O & Dangermouse

Cosmic Serpent – Zongamin

Egg Raid On Mojo – Beastie Boys

Ghetto Brothers Power – Ghetto Brothers

Kirsehirin – Altin Gün

Junko Partner – Dr John

Maria Bethania – Caetano Veloso

Fourth of July – Galaxie 5000

Feather Falling – Kelley Stoltz

This Kind of Music – Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

Edzayawa – Edzayawa

I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now – John Shuttleworth

Domestic Gesture – Miss Rayon

Hold Up - 3 Teens Kill 4

Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto – Philadelphia International All Stars

Friday 11 January 2019

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 345

Little quiz for you on this week's show - what links Coops' 10 tunes, can you get there before Miggins?

Thee download!

Thee Songs:
Ever New – Beverly Glenn – Copeland
Cosoco – Juana Molina
Wanda – Warhaus
Rome Wasn’t Burnt In A Day – Escape-Ism
Sleepwalker – Moon Duo
Poptones – Public Image Ltd
Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul Re-Edit) – DJ Shadow
I Am A Poseur – X-Ray Spex
Only Good For Conversation – Rodriguez
Johnny Thunder – The Kinks
Les Be honest – Connan Mockasin
Depression – Abner Jay
Death – Naked (On Drugs)
Aykedashim Libe – Tilakun Gessesse
John Doe’s Colleague – The Shifters
Erase You – ESG
I’ll Be Your Mirror – The Velvet Underground
Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
Ain’t Got Me – Anti Pasti

Mashed Potato Time – Dee Dee Sharpe

Friday 4 January 2019

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 344

Talentless Plastic Pop? Allstate Insect Plops? Placenta Sells Tiptops? Welcome to 2019...........

Yer download.

Thee songs:
Hearing Voices – Galaxie 500
Solid Silk – Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
The Moviegoer – Woolen Men
But Tonight (Acoustic Session) – BMX Bandits
I Don’t Want To Laugh At You – Greg Cartwright & Goodnight Loving
Dokuz Sekiz – Okay Temiz
Self Made Man – Miss Rayon
I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite? – Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
Lo Boob Oscillator – Stereolab
Anna – Rocket from the Tombs
Tais Toi – Baxter Dury, Etienne De Crecy & Delilah Holliday
Motion Control – Dub Narcotic Sound System
Crystals & Candles – The Mallard
Work /Life, Gym etc – The Shifters
Love You Till Tuesday – David Bowie
Dialogando – Alessandro Alessandroni
Maria También – Khruangbin
Love Said (Let’s Go) (Ashley Beedles’s North Street Vocal – 77:78
Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock) – Johnny Dynell & New York 88

New  Thing To Do – Woolen Men