Thursday 30 August 2012

Church of Thee PVC Episode 11

Our 11th show for GaragePunk Pirate Radio is ready for your ear'oles. An hour of punchy garage, rock and roll, rockabilly and R&B/beat to give you a fuzzy head rush. 

Get one for yourself here

The Songs
Loch Ness Monster – King Horror
Hot Tamales – The Prime Mates
Preaching the Blues – The Gun Club
All My Loving – The Almighty Defenders
Stop and Listen – The Shag
I Don’t Like You – Bo Diddley
Loving Cup – The Triumphs
Don’t Call Me Flyface – The Reekers
Problems – The Heathens
Bdaaa!!! – Los Peyotes
Diamond Skull – Atomic Suplex
Girl from the Neck Down – Suzi Chunk
Block of Ice – Thee Oh Sees
Golden Girl – The Rabble
Speedway – The Heyburners
Fuck… - Dan Sartain
Axis Abraxis – Mark Sultan
Let Me In – Hunx
Jamskate – Quintron
Sally Sensation – The Buff Medways
Brown Trash – Tandoori Knights

Friday 24 August 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 61

Sorry we're late again this week, I've been holed up deep in the New Forest with no internet. Here's a drunken blast of bits and pieces to liven up your weekend, have fun. If you want to download and listen on your mobile device, do it here.

No Town Blues – Black Lips
Hand in Your Head – Money Mark
Mixed Bizness – Beck
I Got the Six – Mugstar
Real Smiles – White Fence
California Street – The Untamed Youth
Mrs – Ty Segall
Jelly Roll Gum Drop – Sic Alps
Mix It Up – Little Brenda Starr
Return to Form – The Intelligence
Ooh, Yeh Yeh – Graham Coxon
Here – Pavement
Burned – Buffalo Springfield
Girl From the Mountain – The Harvey Averne Barrio Band
Brass Buttons – Lemonheads
Margaret-Tiger Rug – Alexander Spence
Evil – Interpol
What Do I Do? – The Beets
Super Heathen Child – Grinderman/Fripp

Thursday 16 August 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 60

You can have this week's show a day early as I'm going to be travelling tomorrow.

I'm sure you'd like to join Miggins and myself in sending Laggers and his family congratulations on the birth of their daughter Cali this week.

We've got another bite-size edition this week for various reasons, an hour rather than the usual 90 minutes but we've still managed to squeeze in enough rock n roll, R&B, garage, indie rock and post-punk to give you a fuzzy brain buzz. Download it here.

This Girl Taught Me to Dance – Strange Boys
Downloading Porn With Davo – The Moldy Peaches
Dirty Old Man – Thee Headcoatees
Zack (Zach) – Tony Shepperd
Wild Boy – Rocky Holman-Mort Wise and the Wise Men
This Little Heart – Dennis Smith
Monkey Tree – The Atlantics
Get Out of My Life, Woman – Q65
It’s A Gas – Alf Newman
Rental Car – Beck
TVOD – Spectrum Orchestra
Kill the Enemy – Michael Yonkers
Black Ice Cream – The Pharmacy
Fear of Advice – Nodzzz
Florida – Grandaddy
Agitated – Die Electric Eels
Getaway – Country Teasers
Jerusalem – The Fall
He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot – Grandaddy

Monday 13 August 2012

7 Inches blog reviews Wobbly Lamps EP

Huge thanks to Jason at 7 inches blog for a very complimentary and insightful review of the Wobbly Lamps EP.

We have been thrilled by the response from blogs and online record stores who have reviewed the record. We're waiting for a negative piece to balance all the great write-ups the songs have received so far but haven't received one!

Here is Jason's review, please check out his brilliant blog which reviews a different 7" every day.

The Wobbly Lamps on Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records

This one came in hot off the presses of Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records, which has spawned out of the great garage punk podcast of the same name. I've been a regular listener for a while of their drunken garagerock playlist and chat. The first single they put their hard earned money down on is from The Wobbly Lamps a five piece from Southend on Sea, UK. Something like a resort town on the ocean, it's somehow spawned this rawkus underground garage sound. But I wouldn't expect anything less from the Polyvinyl guys and it's great to hear this new label born out of their shared love of the 7" single and all things scuzzy and loud.

A-Side's "Neon Tepee" brings out the gritty guitars in dual force, one rocking out this steady rhythm while the other flys off on this mess of scratchy melodies, coming together in jittery post punk spazz bursts. Gareth on vocals has the slight distortion through a tin can echo, energizing this one with the right kind of punky attitude, blaring out his lyric with plenty of harmonizing backup, a nod to those earlier era scuz pop rockers. A breakdown section hits with one of those guitars going rogue with a warbling psych, super phased out, bouncing off those basement walls and getting louder and louder, changing the main melody, and the drums still pounding out that snare fill every verse. Real swirly overwhelming manic ending.

"SWMD (She Wants Me Dead)" kicks off with a big jangly guitar in the three chord punk tradition until this warm organ kicks in and backup oooooo's putting the loud grit right into that '60s garage place where you just need to hit on a solid melody like this, plain and simple to let the rest of this shine. Building up to this big chorus, a breathy angels-from-heaven backup vocal just coming in over the street level low distorted delivery swinging into play. Going for that repeated riff and big organ jabs, Gareth wavers between the cool detached and enthusiastic yell delivery exactly like something like this should. He's had just enough liquid courage to get up there, beyond that, who cares! 

B-Side's "Alice the Goon" has those guitars coming at you with a heavy bouncy sinister reverb, the drums are blown out this time, one minute in a slight echo or just riding the edge of the red, Gareth here has a deep talking, slight Cramps feel, getting louder and louder as he heads toward the chorus which takes a turn, the rest of the band comes in for backup vocal support as those trebly ear splitting guitars ping around hard surfaces. Drop down to the drums and here comes that solo in the form of dense, huge psych sounds. They're combining the great moments from both of those genres into this stompy pop garage. Perfect alongside Slug Guts or Radar Eyes...and of course anything on the Polyvinyl podcast. Nice work everyone. Maniac superhero face printed on foldover heavy cardstock sleeve and thick black vinyl.

Check out SWMD below, and yes, they have been known to wear lamps on their heads during performances:


Thursday 9 August 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 59

This week's show is dedicated to Chris Langeland of Thee Vicars who died last week. I saw the band at The Railway in Southend and at The Dirty Water Club in London and each time they put on a fantastic show. It's always sad when an artist that you like dies but it's even worse when they are so young. Our thoughts go out to Chris' family and friends and his band-mates.

Thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen will be DJing the Southend Pier Festival this Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th from midday until 6pm. Come and say hello and pick up one of the 30 limited edition Wobbly Lamps EPs as a souvenir. 

We kick the show off this week with Thee Vicars and then you get an hour of treats from our vinyl vaults. Download.

Don’t Try to Tell Me – Thee Vicars
Dating – Ty Segall
Take Me With You – Psychic Ills
I’m Hurtin’ – Thee Headcoats
You Will Never Find Me – King Lollipop
I’m Bigger Than You – The Mummies
Baby – The Bushmen
The Spider and the Fly – Andre Williams and the A-Bones
Blackpool Hallucinations – The Interceptors
Still Born – Eagulls
Rag Time Army – The Cubical
I’m Blue – The Rising Suns
Ace of Spades – Link Wray & His Ray Men
Mind Reader – Sebadoh
The Perfect Me – Deerhoof
Cry Baby – Ty Segall & White Fence
Cosmos – The Fall
Inquiry Perpetrated – Thee Oh Sees
Da Funk – Koolaid (Alien Ballroom)

Monday 6 August 2012

Limited edition Wobbly Lamps sleeve

To celebrate the Southend Pier Festival this weekend 10th /11th August we have produced a super limited sleeve for the Wobbly Lamps EP. Only 30 of these have been made, each one is numbered on the sleeve and record middle. Available directly from Polyvinyl Craftsmen Records here or on the pier on Saturday and Sunday. Once they're gone, they're gone. An instant collectable! Same price as the regular edition which we still have a handful of. Rough Trade and Sister Ray have some copies still, Norman Records are nearly sold out.

Friday 3 August 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 58

The Polyvinyl Craftsmen and assorted Wobbly Lamps hit London last night to catch Ty Segall Band at The Dome in Tufnell Park. Top night all round, sore heads and ringing ears this morning, the band were tight, energetic and loud. Thee PVC are big Ty Segall fans, he's probably the most played artist this year on the show so it was ace to catch him live, meet him and Mikal Cronin and give them a copy of the Wobbly Lamps 7" to take home.

This weeks show features 3 Ty Segall songs from Miggins. We picked up some new vinyl last night that will be shared on future shows.

Download this week's show by clicking this

Transmission 58
It’s Gonna Rain – Gentleman June Gardner
Natural Soul brother – Danny White
Under Your Hood – Champion Jack Dupree
Ring the Alarm – Quintron
The Number One Song in Heaven (long version) – Sparks
Pointed Sticks – Wounded Lion
Easy Listening – Daniel Johnston
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – The Sonics
Little Star of Bethlehem – Can
The Floor – Ty Segall
Sufragette City – Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Swag – Ty Segall
Sucked In – Useless Eaters
Goodbye Laughter – The Wolfhounds
Repetition – The Fall
Hit – Sugarcubes
Red Bowling Ball Roof – The White Stripes
Tom Cat – Big Mama Thornton
Night Hawkin’ – Tim Buckley
Chicken Dog – John Spencer Blues Explosion
Tidal Wave – Thee Oh Sees
You’re Just About to Lose Your Clown – Ray Charles
Pasemos La Noche Juntos (Let’s Spend the Night Together) – Los Peyotes
While You Reload – Jaill
Ounce of Deception – Mudhoney
Delivery – Babyshambles
Innocent Little Doggy – George Coleman