Friday 29 June 2018

A Polyvinyl Craftsman Solo in Soho

We've been strangers to thee shed again this week but we do have something new rather than a dip into the archives. Coop has a monthly show on Soho Radio (Radio LBB) which he did solo this week that allowed him to play a totally selfish PVC-friendly set. So here it is, two hours of tunes with a fair smattering of stuff bought in  France the previous week.

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Thee Selection:
Solo in Soho
Ettika – Ettika
Summertime Tears – Warmduscher
Tender (Cornelius Remix) – Blur
Dead Energy - Thee Oh Sees
Repetitition (Repetition) – Tackhead
Laisse Tomber Les Filles – France Gall
The Traveler – Archie & the Bunkers
Take A Heart – The Sorrows
Broke My Own – Shannon Shaw
Roses and Revolvers – Janko Nilovic
Totally Wired – Terry Edwards
Buffalo Gals – Malcolm McLaren
We Did It Again – Soft Machine
Baptism – Halo Maud
Toy – Young Fathers
Rock N Roll – Human League
I’m Not A Loser – Amyl & the Sniffers
Total Football – Parquet Courts
Transit Aigu – Jacques Dutronc
Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles – Francoise Hardy
phase modulation shuffle – cavern of anti-matter
Feast On My Head – Pylon
Tosta Mista – Hooded Fang
Rock N Roll Sunday Afternoon City Lights - Papernut Cambridge
Bagdad Daddy – The Beats
Over You – Aaron Neville
Mother In Law – Ernie K Doe

Friday 22 June 2018

Church Of Thee PVC Resurrected - Sermon 6

From January 2012 it's another religious reissue to fill the gap left by the globetrotting Craftsmen.

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Thee Hymn Sheet:
Cry - Malibus
Always and Ever - Midnatt Fyran 
You Can't Polish A Turd - Sexton Ming 
Holy Mountain - Le Pecheur 
Slow Death - The Gallows 
We'er Gone - Thee Headcoats 
Crimpton Krompton Canary Bridge - Shirley Bates 
All Night Long - The Frowning Clouds 
Oscar Wilde - Jack of Heart 
Speedway - The Heyburners 
Sleep Talk - Shannon & the Clams 
Sorry 'Bout That - Chris Allen & the Good-Timers 
Purple Pill Party - Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 
Blood On Your Hands - Mark Sultan 
Problems - Epsilons 
Bikini Gorge - Combomatix 
Get Off Yer Knees - OBN IIIs 
Pretty Boy - The Gaye Blades 
Black Potatoes - The Rabble 
I'm So Thankful - Reigning Sound 
Waddlin' Around - BBQ.

Thursday 14 June 2018

Church Of Thee PVC Resurrected - Sermon 5

From November 2011. it's the sound of gargoyles ripping your face off! Or us still learning about mic levels and stuff. Amateur hour! Music sounds great though!

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Thee Hymn Sheet:
Lyin' Girl - Reigning Sound 
And Then I Fucked Her - Oblivians
I Don't Like the Man That I Am - Thee Spivs 
Born to Cry - The Hives 
You Piss Me Off - The Buffets 
Elephant Man - Bo Diddley 
Wigwam Willie - Carl Phillips 
Chicken - Jack Starr 
Movin' In _ Morty Shann & the Morticians 
Magic 8 Ball - Groovie Ghoulies 
The Anti-Midas Touch - The Wolfhounds 
Tears In My Beers - The Mean Jeans 
Take A Trip - Godfrey 
Dead Energy - Thee Oh Sees 
Poor Boy - R.L. Burnside 
For Your Love - The Yardbirds
Getting Plenty Lovin' - The Lyres
Love Special Delivery - Thee Midnighters
Roogalator - Johnny Rivers

Friday 8 June 2018

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 322

More dusty old 45s from Coop and tunes in a variety of sizes from Laggers and Miggins.

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Thee songs:
The Running Man – The Wave Pictures
Unnatural Act – Wreckless Eric
Diamonds in the Mine – Leonard Cohen
Death Disco – PiL
Cara-Lin – The Strangeloves
Buzz-Buzz-Buzz – The Hollywood Frames
Squids Can Fly – Zerox dream Flesh
Mister Richard Smoker – Ween
Tastebuds – The King Khan & BBQ Show
Smashed Blocked – John’s Children
Spoon – Can
Here There and Everywhere – Episode Six
You’re Already Dead – Crass
Radioactive Chocolate – Multi-Death Corporations
By My Baby – The Ronettes
Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion – Thee Oh Sees
Sin Domes – Juana Molina
Wait In the Car – The Breeders
Ternak – Ersen
Citadel – The Queensbury Terrors
Whitney Houston and I – Insecure Men
Your Application’s Failed – Roxy Music
Don’t Pay It’s Free – Magic Bastards
1-2-3 – The Professionals
The Throne – The Devil
O Brother – Sister Irene O’Connor
Deep – Gang Starr

Friday 1 June 2018

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 321

Join Ted Rogers, Dusty Bin, Laggers, Miggins and Coop for 321. That will mean absolutely nothing to our overseas listeners so get Googling!

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Thee songs:
I’m Set Free – The Velvet Underground
I Listen to Lyrics Last – The Mallard
Don’t Like People – Country Teasers
Knife in the Cast – Graham Coxon
War – Edwin Starr
Going Under – Devo
New Guitar in Town – The Lurkers
Destination Venus – The Rezillos
Sorrow – David Bowie
Here’s Where You Belong – The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
The Stranger Song – Beck
Keshukoran – Sister Irene O’Connor
Mini – Theme = Moocher From the Future – Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard
Dim Limelights – The Intelligence
Punk Pyjamas – The Strange Boys
I’m Shakin’ – The Blasters
Black Sheep – Sam the Sham
Get Out of Denver – Eddie & the Hot Rods
I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now – John Shuttleworth
Come Clean – Jeru the Damaja
Crippling Self Doubt and A General Lack of Confidence – Courtney Barnett
Good Lovin’ – Twin Peaks
South American Folk Song – The Modern Lovers
Rubin – Marvin Pontiac
Ambition – Subway Sect
Yes It’s You - Sweet Charles
Jungle Jalopy – The Arthur Lyman Group