Friday 22 June 2018

Church Of Thee PVC Resurrected - Sermon 6

From January 2012 it's another religious reissue to fill the gap left by the globetrotting Craftsmen.

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Thee Hymn Sheet:
Cry - Malibus
Always and Ever - Midnatt Fyran 
You Can't Polish A Turd - Sexton Ming 
Holy Mountain - Le Pecheur 
Slow Death - The Gallows 
We'er Gone - Thee Headcoats 
Crimpton Krompton Canary Bridge - Shirley Bates 
All Night Long - The Frowning Clouds 
Oscar Wilde - Jack of Heart 
Speedway - The Heyburners 
Sleep Talk - Shannon & the Clams 
Sorry 'Bout That - Chris Allen & the Good-Timers 
Purple Pill Party - Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 
Blood On Your Hands - Mark Sultan 
Problems - Epsilons 
Bikini Gorge - Combomatix 
Get Off Yer Knees - OBN IIIs 
Pretty Boy - The Gaye Blades 
Black Potatoes - The Rabble 
I'm So Thankful - Reigning Sound 
Waddlin' Around - BBQ.

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