Thursday 14 June 2018

Church Of Thee PVC Resurrected - Sermon 5

From November 2011. it's the sound of gargoyles ripping your face off! Or us still learning about mic levels and stuff. Amateur hour! Music sounds great though!

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Thee Hymn Sheet:
Lyin' Girl - Reigning Sound 
And Then I Fucked Her - Oblivians
I Don't Like the Man That I Am - Thee Spivs 
Born to Cry - The Hives 
You Piss Me Off - The Buffets 
Elephant Man - Bo Diddley 
Wigwam Willie - Carl Phillips 
Chicken - Jack Starr 
Movin' In _ Morty Shann & the Morticians 
Magic 8 Ball - Groovie Ghoulies 
The Anti-Midas Touch - The Wolfhounds 
Tears In My Beers - The Mean Jeans 
Take A Trip - Godfrey 
Dead Energy - Thee Oh Sees 
Poor Boy - R.L. Burnside 
For Your Love - The Yardbirds
Getting Plenty Lovin' - The Lyres
Love Special Delivery - Thee Midnighters
Roogalator - Johnny Rivers

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