Thursday 24 July 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 144

Gibble Gobble pinheads, come and get it..........................

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This week's ear nuggets:
After Eight – Neu!
Time – Tijuana Panthers
Felicity – The Wedding Present
I Call My Baby Pussycat – Parliament
Red Tide – Foxboro Hot Tubs
The Sniper – The Black Angels
Hitch-Hike – Liliput
I Only Fucked You As A Joke – Childbirth
I Hate Cha – Andre Williams
Gibble Gobble – Willie Wright & his Sparklers
Wine, Wine, Wine – The Blue and the Gray
A Little Mashin – Bunny & Skitter
Motorcycle – The Charles
I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night – The Electric Prunes
Slip Inside This House – 13th Floor Elevators
United States of Whatever – Liam Lynch
My Jampandy – Sleaford Mods
Awesome Sound – Ween
I Want You – Cabaret Voltaire
Hey Now – Talking Heads
Carolina – Adam Green
Never Coming Home – Reigning Sound
London Boys – David Bowie
We’re Having A Baby – Make Up
Cell Phone’s Dead – Beck
Friendly Ghost – Harlem
Can I Squeeze Your Boil – The Rabble

Friday 18 July 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 143

Massive storm round our way last night, more on the way, so if you are awake tonight here's something to listen to. If you're listening elsewhere, which it looks like most of you are, here is this week's gin fueled blast, have fun.

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Yer songs:
Gin House – Paul Williams & the Big Roll Band
Hotwax – Beck
The Keeper – Ty Segall
Eye of the Storm – Cretin Stompers
I Remember You – Ramones
Lights! Camel! Action! Charlton Heston Meets the Irresistible Force – Stump
Die Matrosen – Liliput
Graveyard – Dead Moon
Dead End - -Gonja Sufi
Wild Life – The Lovely Eggs
At Home He’s A Tourist – Gang of Four
Roadrunner – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
I Hate Nerys Hughes (From the Heart) – Half Man Half Biscuit
I’m Trying (To Be the Man You Need) – Reigning Sound
Re-Make/Re-Model – Roxy Music
Janitor – Suburban Lawns
Spineless Little Shit – The Headcoatees
Please Ban Music/Gegen Alles – Country Teasers
Make the Connection – Vacant Lots
Lamonts Requiem – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
Five Years Ahead of My Time – The Third Bardo
Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix) – Beastie Boys
Weird Gear – Ultramarine
Only After Dark – Mick Ronson
Gigolo Aunt – Syd Barrett
Worst Thing – Sebadoh
What Difference Does It Make – The Smiths

Friday 11 July 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 142

Have a listen to this week's show and then come and join us for Village Green if you're in the area tomorrow. We'll be doing the Village Hall stage from 2.35 until 5.20 with The Hillmisters, Velvet Morning and Atomic Suplex, we'll be playing some songs before and in between the bands. You can get tickets here, only a tenner for a whole day of music and stuff.

Back to this week's show, we've got a track from each of the bands playing tomorrow plus Miggins playing a right old mix and Coop finding himself ploughing a mainly punk and post-punk furrow.

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Thee songs:
Hypocrite – Newtown Neurotics
Brainded Warrior – Zig Zags
I’ve Got A Gun – Channel 3
Mad Mary Jones – The Vacant Lots
Dragons – J.C. Satan
You Take Everything For Granite When You Are Stone – Strange Boys
Celebrate Summer – T. Rex
Rotten Love – The Briefs
Charlton Heston – Stump
Sad Eyes – The Hillmisters
Blue Jean Baby – Velvet Morning
Rock & Roll Must Die – Atomic Suplex
Wild About You – The Missing Links
Randy Kraft – Cretin Stompers
I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive – Hank Williams
Errand Girl – Harlan T. Bobo
The Feast – Jason Steele
Bring It With You When You Come – Abner Jay
Be Your Own Dog – Neil McSweeney
Shack Up – A Certain Ratio
Fiery Jack – The Fall
White Lightning ‘N Excess – Lum Hatcher
The Rubber Band – Eddie Bo
They Say I’m Different – Betty Davis
Jumping Someone Else’s Train – The Cure
This Dirty Town – The Lurkers
Touch The Leather – The Fat White Family
Memphis Tennessee – Chuck Berry

Friday 4 July 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 141

Here's yer weekly jazzercise workout playlist people, don't pull anything while you're working up a sweet sweat.

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Thee songs:
Depression – Abner Jay
New Romance = Reigning Sound
Metal Hand – Damaged Bug
Mushroom – Can
Sensoria – Cabaret Voltaire
The Orchids – Psychic TV
Ah Pook the Destroyer / Brion Gysin’s All-Purpose Bedtime Story – William S. Burroughs
Let’s Build A Car – Swell Maps
Bouge De La – MC Solaar
Birth of Shaft – Isaac Hayes
Man’s Best Friend – George Clinton
They Call Me Mister Tibbs – Billy Childish & Sexton Ming
I’m Too Old For You – Jack Oblivian
Have You Seen My Baby – Flamin’ Groovies
Shake – Shadows of Knight
Come On Baby – Bo Diddley
Shit Streets Running – Sleaford Mods
Time Is On My Side – Rolling Stones
I Don’t Wanna Go Home – Black Lips
Ducking & Diving – Parquet Courts
My Business – The Pharmacy
Improve Myself – Patrik Fitzgerald
The Monkey Drop – New Jersey Kings
Rockin’ On My Porch – Jackson Sisters
My Life Is Starting Over Again – Daniel Johnston
Excursions – A Tribe Called Quest
Oscillations – Silver Apples