Thursday 31 March 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 449


Shed is open again after lurgy put the kibosh on recording last week.

Download it here.

Transmission 449

Monteray – Eden Ahbez & John Harris

Jungle Fever – Charlie Feathers

Indian Rock – The Musical Linn Twins

Transponder – Giant Sand

Mr Big Stuff – Gene Chandler

She’s Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger – Purple Mountains

Queens St. Gang –(Soul Thing) – Arzachel

Take Five – Young Lions

Hypocrite – Newtown Heurotics

(They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy – The Intelligence

Slick Black River From the Rain – The Wave Pictures

Boat Rock – Marion Brown

Preacher – Fuzz

The Peanut Vendor – Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra

Crystallized – Melody’s Echo Chamber

30-60-90 – Jack Hawkins & the Sounds of the 70s

Pier Party Nerves - The Plan

Blessed State – Wire

Fuku – Lambchop

Naked Patients – Happyness

Riding in the Sun – The Rebel

Psychic – The Goon Sax

The Girl Stands Up To Me Now – Jonathan Richman

Joke – The Surfing Magazines

Love Said (Let’s Go) – 77:78

Amen Brother (Extended Mix) – The WInstons

Friday 18 March 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 448

Purge your demons with our patented polyvinyl exorcism, all you need is right here...

Download is here.

Thee songs:

The Days of Sand and Shovels – The Winstons

Dance of Maria – Elias Rahbani

発光体 - Yura Yura Teikoku

Girl After Girl – Alex Chilton

Nancy – Richard Swift

Joe (Demo) – PJ Harvey

Green Power – Jesse James

The Coincidentalist – Howe Gelb

C.B. 200 – Dillinger

No Faith – Suburban Studs

Holy Cow – Lee Dorsey

Doin’ It – Ginger Baker’s Air Force

Hit This Pipe – Whitney K

My Babe – Spoon

Purging the Demons – Shintaro Sakamoto

Welcome to Hard Times – Charley Crockett

When Twilight Falls on NGC891 – Martin Segundo and the Scintilla Strings

Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love – The Reds, Pinks & Purples

Against the Tide – The Order of the 12

Egy Lang New Ment Haza – Omega Redstar

Ode To A Black Man – Phil Lynott

Whispered – Baxter Dury

One Man No City – Parquet Courts

Enter or Exit – The Stroppies

The Geese Are Flying Westward – Bill Fay

Time To Get Ready – The Bats

Women of the Ghetto – Hortense Ellis

Thursday 3 March 2022

Polycarbonate Craftsmen Transmission 447

Nope, it's not an autocorrect or a typo, for one week only we have morphed into the Polycarbonate Craftsmen. Why? Everything we play this week is on a shiny little CD and not vinyl. Normal service will be resumed!

Download is here.

Thee Songs:

Revolver – Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

1 – Squarepusher

My Sister and her Books – Plantman

Fight War, Not Wars (Dub Revolutions) – Crass

Doomsday -Discharge

Lean On Me – Beth Orton feat. Terry Callier

Lessons From What’s Poor – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

The Wig He Made Her Wear – Drive By Truckers

The Killing Season – Mark Lanegan

Silver Raven (Acoustic) – Gene Clark

Renegade Grinder – Johnny Know & Hi-Test

Wiggle Stick - The Rev Horton Heat

Mushaboom – Feist

Middle Saxon Town – Alan Tyler & the Lost Sons of Littlefield

Whole Wide World (Acoustic) – Wreckless Eric

America  - B.J. Snowden

Florida – Grandaddy

Where the Walls Are Made of Grass – Feregus & Geronimo

Wild – The Butterflies of Love

Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day – Nick Lowe

Milton Keynes – Wild Willy Barrett

Nothin’ In the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘ Bout That Girl – Mark Lanegan

Whatevershebringswesing – Kevin Ayers

Claudette – Robert Marlow

I Wish That I Could See You Soon – Herman Dune

In the City – Nodzzz

Tropical Yeti – The Pharmacy

The Impeccable Dandy In White – Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge

Red Cabbage – Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers

Grey Hairs – Darren Hayman