Thursday, 31 March 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 449


Shed is open again after lurgy put the kibosh on recording last week.

Download it here.

Transmission 449

Monteray – Eden Ahbez & John Harris

Jungle Fever – Charlie Feathers

Indian Rock – The Musical Linn Twins

Transponder – Giant Sand

Mr Big Stuff – Gene Chandler

She’s Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger – Purple Mountains

Queens St. Gang –(Soul Thing) – Arzachel

Take Five – Young Lions

Hypocrite – Newtown Heurotics

(They Found Me In the Back of) The Galaxy – The Intelligence

Slick Black River From the Rain – The Wave Pictures

Boat Rock – Marion Brown

Preacher – Fuzz

The Peanut Vendor – Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra

Crystallized – Melody’s Echo Chamber

30-60-90 – Jack Hawkins & the Sounds of the 70s

Pier Party Nerves - The Plan

Blessed State – Wire

Fuku – Lambchop

Naked Patients – Happyness

Riding in the Sun – The Rebel

Psychic – The Goon Sax

The Girl Stands Up To Me Now – Jonathan Richman

Joke – The Surfing Magazines

Love Said (Let’s Go) – 77:78

Amen Brother (Extended Mix) – The WInstons

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