Friday 28 August 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 195

Look! Mick McManus just puked up Transmission 195. Dig in!

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Thee songs: 
Before I Was Caught – Jay Reatard
I AM Not A Game – Ty Segall & White Fence
Neutron Bomb – The Controllers
Slang King 2 – The Fall
Jet Boy Jet Girl – Elton Motello
Mess Me Up – Teengenerate
Points Of View – Country Teasers
The Merry Barracks – Deerhoof
Misfit – The Outsiders
Caught In Midstream – Vic Goddard & Subway Sect
Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man – Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk – Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Peter Piper – Run DMC
What the New Breed Say – The Barbarians
I Can Hear Music – The Ronettes
Big A Little A – Crass
Spaghetti – The Wave Pictures
3000 – Dr Octagon
Punk Before Chips – The Spartan Dreggs
Hidden Meanings, Soul Graffiti – Strange Boys
Tunnel Time – Thee Oh Sees
Dig Your Grave – The Pharmacy
Nothing Conquers Us – Goodnight Loving
Judy Is  A Punk – The New Piccadillys

Friday 21 August 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 194

Welcome to another hour and a half of unsophisticated boom boom.

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Thee songs: 
Be Yourself – The Antennas
Sittin’ Sick – The Living Eyes
Brazil – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
Voodoo Woman – The Shades
Disposable Darling – Dick Johnson
Who Says – Richard Hell & the Voivoids
Sophisticated Boom Boom – The Shangri-Las
I Don’t Care – Mary Weiss
Trigger – The Deadly Snakes
Animosity – Fred Weinberg
Here Comes the Judge – The Make-Up
Don’t Mess With My Baby – Abner Jay
Andre’s Blues – The Greasy Chickens
Good Time – Jay Bees
Dance With Me – Adam Green
Something’s Got To Give – Beastie Boys
Sock It To Me – T.V. Killers
Dead By Dawn – Depth Charge
Silly Love – Daniel Johnston
From One To Nine – Moondog
Chinese Bookie – The Yummy Fur
Fall Of the Queen – Destiny’s Children
Flat Of Angles – The Fall
The Goin’ Gets Tough From the Getgo – Ween
Jackson – Pansy Division
I Get Around – Audacity
Sister Big Stuff – John Holt

Thursday 13 August 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 193

You won't get very far with that attitude you bowl cut geek. This'll sort you out, listen up!

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Yer tunes:
Dolphins – Tim Buckley
Ain’t That Always the Way – Edwyn Collins
Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) (Redskin Rock Mix) – Bocca Juniors
Hands Off - The Azaleas
All Night Blues – Fungi Girls
Lie Down Here (& Be My Girl) – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
What Presence – Orange Juice
In Between  - The Growlers
Kaw-Liga – The Residents
Burned – Buffalo Springfield
Sannata Theme – Rajesh Roshan
California Über Alles – The Disposable Heroes of Hip Hoprisy
Get On Home – The Family Jams
My First Waltz – The Devil
My Door Is Never Open – The Fall
Jesus – Curtis Mayfield
Don’t Call Me Uncle – Adam Green
Snakes On A Plane – Chain and the Gang
Rosalyn – The Vendettas
Cyclone – The Lords of Altamont
One Way Love – The Damned
Family Tree – Black Lips
I Want To Go Home – Big John Patton
Self-Destruction – The Stop the Violence Movement
Little Ole Country Boy – Parliament
Personal Jesus – Built 4 Speed
Set Me Free – The Kinks

Friday 7 August 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 192

This week's show is for all you pencil neck geeks out there.

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Yer songs: 
Can You Hear Me? – Lee Dorsey
As Sisters and Brothers – Black Merda
Money Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Honey I Need – The Pretty Things
Ennio’s Blues – Quickspace
Mather (A Genuine Scream Team Remix) – Indian Vibes
Sing! Harpy – The Fall
Nobody Spoil My Fun – The Seeds
White Horse – Laid Back
At Home He’s A Tourist – Gang Of Four
Repetition – David Bowie
Lower Leg – Wet Dog
The Hurdy Gurdy Man – Butthole Surfers
Bubblegum – XYZ
Bison Grass – Pill Fangs
On the Road South – The Stereo Shoestring
Grass – Robert Wyatt
FYVZ – Add N To (X)
Dance Of the Doom – Frankie Stein
Moon Rocks – Talking Heads
Trash Talk – Reigning Sound
Cha Cha Twist – Margarita Sierra
Another Time – Cheap Time
Pencil Neck Geek – Fred Blassie
Questions I Can’t Answer – The Bristols
Mystery Plane – The Cramps
Magic Circles In the Sky – The Male Nurse