Friday 6 July 2012

Another great review for Wobbly Lamps single

Norman Records gave the Wobbly Lamps single five stars out of five in their weekly round-up of the week's releases, it only missed out on single of the week to a late arriving Ariel Pink single.

Here's what they said - 

"I’ve had to review a load of “difficult” experimental records all day and my brain is totally mashed so I’m delighted to pick up a couple of gems so late in the day when morale throughout the office was really on the wane. I’ve not heard these Wobbly Lamps before but they’re peddling garage pop in the vein of King Khan & The Shrines or the most recent Intelligencealbum. They sound like they’ve been listening to the Moonhearts and Marked Men and those kinds of ‘60s-pop-with-a-boot-up-its-arse bands who’ve been making my life better in recent years.

Thinking about it, it’s strange to see a band from England actually pulling off this kind of summer holiday garage aesthetic so well...’Alice the Goon’ on the B side is a swaggering Make Up-meets-Crampsy number, and all three tracks on here are brilliantly judged garage pop with totally uplifting ‘60s vocal harmonies far too bright to be obscured by any amount of fuzz. Despite the gnarliness of the tones the compositions are kept simple and spacious and the tunes are always boss. More please!"

So, we've had two reviews so far and both of them have been fantastic.

Make sure you get a copy before they're all gone, we've sold a third of the limited 250 run since the release last Saturday and we don't intend pressing any more.

You can get it from Norman Records, Rough Trade or from us here (where it's a little cheaper!)


  1. Great reviews both. More eager to get my copy now.


  2. That Paul Wong is genius I must buy him a pint sometime.