Monday 27 June 2011

Computer Date Killer - Cargo Cult (featuring Biscuit from Big Boys)

Austin post-punk quartet Cargo Cult (1985-1987), starring former punk/funkers Big Boys singer Randy "Biscuit" Turner (1949-2005) and future Jesus Lizard guitar slinger Duane Denison, cut demos at Ben Blank Studios for what the band hoped would follow up its Touch and Go debut, Strange Men Bearing Gifts. Mixed off a CD burn of the last surviving cassette, the demos make up half of the double vinyl "Two-Headed Cobra," a beautifully put together package from French indie label Modern City Records, with bios, mini Xerox'd show fliers, and a set of 20 8-by-10 black-and-white gig art reproductions. Cargo Cult divides seven songs over two sides of gray and yellow marble vinyl. The other slab of vinyl contains songs from the Texas Biscuit Bombs, a live band that Biscuit toured with right up until the end. It's a package well worth getting your hands on both musically and as a lesson in how to release a fantastic looking artifact. Have a listen to Computer Date Killer and if you like what you hear and have never heard of Big Boys, search 'em out and give them a blast too.

As a side note I met Biscuit in Brighton when he was touring with the Texas Biscuit Bombs a few years back and he was a complete gent. The drummer in that band was David Ensminger who I am putting on an exhibition of punk fliers with at Rough Trade East in London for the whole of August. Come along and have a look at some slices of punk history.


  1. Huge Big Boys fan. THANK YOU for posting this! You can still hear a little bit of the Big Boys sound in that song. Fantastic! RIP Biscuit.

  2. Cheers, glad you enjoyed it. Take a listen to our podcasts, sure you'll find plenty more stuff to enjoy. I'm sure Biscuit will be making another appearance soon. Like our Facebook page too to keep up to date.