Thursday, 2 April 2020

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 390

Our last week in the shed for a while all your fly boys and fly girls...

Download it here.

Thee songs:
The Enchanted Sea – Martin Denny
Intro/The Ongoing Saga of the Side Show Bob Syndrome – Lord High Fixers
Apple – Some Velvet Sidewalk
Woods – The Wave Pictures
Down By the Water – PJ Harvey
The Lords Chirp – Roya
Bullet Proof Nothing – Simply Saucer
Junkie Nurse – Royal Trux
Treble Metal – The Moles
Starman – The Space Lady
Chills and Fever – Fabienne Delsoul
BoJack – Link Wray
Helga Selzer – Bernard Chabert
Misfit – Outsiders
Only My Savour – County Teasers
The Burry Man – Wet Dog
Plastic Factory – Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
Two People In A Room – Wire
She's the One - Ramones
Vivian – OXZ
Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend – John Cale
Chapel Hill – Sonic Youth
Bloody Hands – Hornet Leg
Don’t Be A Stranger – Graham Coxon
Dancing on God’s Thumb – Robyn Hitchcock
Deadweight – Beck
Turn Tail – Young Knives

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