Friday, 15 July 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 237

Did you know her? She was Barbara's sister, her name was Pauline, she lived in a tree.

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Thee songs:
New Amphetamine Shriek – The Fugs
I Want To Live So God Can Use Me – Danny Kroha
Only You – Yazoo
Hippie Hippie Hourah – Jacques Dutronc
11 Mustachioed Daughters – biG Grunt
I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy – Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge
Don’t Bring Me Down – The Pretty Things
Cadillac (featuring The Dear Watson Sound) – Wild Billy Childish & CTMF
Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale – Love
6.4 =Make Out – Gary Wilson
Awesome Sound – Ween
Beware – Death Grips
Day Tripper – Shockabilly
Green Onions – Jack O’ Fire
I’m One – XYZ
The Master – Meatbodies
Why – The Bellybuttons
Searching For My Baby – James Lynn Marsh
Burned Out – The Armpit
Cunt Tease – Pussy Galore!
Shrug/ Good – Officer!
No More Blood and Soil – Positive Noise
Candyskin – The Fire Engines
Bodies – Sex Pistols
Ambition – Smog
Listen to the Music – David Candy
Think – Lonnie Smith

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