Friday, 8 July 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 236

It was a close thing but music beat kittens this time round, so here you go, 27 of the best in a slightly different format for one week only.

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Thee Songs:          
Nicaragua – Shockabilly
Ice Cream Man – Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
Ricky Ticky Tocky – Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Part 3 Diary of a Genius/ Lullaby (From Rosemary’s Baby) – David Candy
Hard To Read – The Belly Buttons
Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed – Silver Jews
Harder Than It’s Ever Been – Fergus & Geronimo
Pink Eye (On My Leg) – Ween
Save Yourself – Soft Machine
Youth Against Fascism - Sonic Youth
Two Little Boys – The Last Poets
Come Get It, I Got It  - Harold Ousley
Dolana – Mustafa Ozkent
Rhyme That Quit – Project Polaroid
Civilian Life – The Rebel
Llawenydd Diweithdre (The Joy Of Unemployment) – Datblygu
Do Or Die – Super Furry Animals
Cut Your Teeth – Matt Battle
Ghost Rider – Suicide
Stepping Stones – Johnny Harris
Dance Music From Hare Rama Hare Krishna – R.D. Burman
Storms and Spells – Graham Mushnik
Fallait Pas Ecraser Le Queue Du Chat – Clothilde
El  Anspon – Si Westre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros
Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Machu Picchu
Return To Brixton – The Clash

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