Friday 25 October 2013

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 108

Welcome to transmission 108, another trawl through the record boxes of three Pauls from Essex. As per usual we have a mix of old and new tracks for you to lend an ear to. If you feel inclined you can download it all here.

If you just want to listen while you work, do the washing up, worship the devil, cook dinner, give birth, whatever use this:

What you'll get this week

I Ain’t No Miracle Worker – The Brogues
H Bomb – Nightbeats
Wanna Be Used – Lost Sounds
You’re A Bore – Slaughter and the Dogs
Are You Happy – Mickey Gloss
Magic Potion – The Open Minds
All The Time – La Luz
Screaming Skull – Sonic Youth
Cunt Tease – Pussy Galore
Tire Shop Part 2 – King Lee featuring Quintron
Mary Jane – Slim Twig
Turn Tail – Young Knives
Come Back Jonee – Devo
You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now – Parkay Quarts
Love Is A Lie – Black Lizard
Aisha – Death In Vegas featuring Iggy Pop
Seagreen Serenades – Silver Apples
Greedy G – Brentford All-Stars
Monkey Tonight – Eddie Kirk
I Say, I love You – Johnny Watson
Double Eyed Wammy – Freddy King & his Orchestra
Don’t You Just Know It – Dr Feelgood
Steaming Train – Tallulah Gosh
Get Carter (Lionrock Remix) – Roy Budd
Dominican Girdles – Dana Bryant
Excursions – A Tribe Called Quest
Damaged Goods – Gang of Four

And here's a glimpse of what a night in the "shed" looks like!

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