Friday, 5 October 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen # 65 - The World's Your Oyster (Sonically Speaking)

Take a trip round the world with thee Polyvinyl Craftsmen as we present a completely non-English language selection of songs this week. Apologies for our piss-poor linguistic skills!

Here it is for all you global downloaders.

Procisṣo РGilberto Gil
Agho – Sir Victor Uwaifo
Cet Air-La – April March
Le Two-Step de l’Haricot – Mama Rosin
Come On – Los Saicos
Contre-Elucubrations Problematiques - The Monks
Nice - Kleenx
Twiggy Twiggy/ Twiggy vs James Bond – Pizzicato Five
Genjer Genjer – Dengue Fever
Isla de Ecanta – Pixies
Secrets in Welsh – Country Teasers
Pyar Ka Koee Shola – M.Ashraf Featuring Nahid Akhtar
Alocatel – Mexican Institute of Sound
Inspiración – Calexico
Ca Plane Pour Moi – Thee Headcoatees
Sannata Theme – Rajesh Roshan
Les Filles C’Est Fait… - Charlotte Leslie
Afro Mexicana – Estrella 20/20

1 comment:

  1. Excellent show. Well done. Your command of the various languages is admirable.

    Also just downloaded and listened to broadcast #5. Impressed with Miggins' accents. Nailed the American accent (at least I think it was American). Regardless, he gets a big "Fuckin' A" for effort.

    Best. Keep it coming.