Friday 15 April 2011

Transmission 7

If you fancy a copy, get the download here.

P Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) – Parliament
You’re Starting Too Fast – Johnny Pate
Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Chocolate Milk
He Fought the Law – She Trinity
Steady Rollin’ – Two Gallants
Debris – Reigning Sound
Alfomega – Caetano Veloso
Drunken Maria – The Monks
Purple – Whirlwind Heat
Cinderella – The Sonics
Five Years Ahead of My Time – The Third Bardo
A Strange Hand – Jacuzzi Boys
I Don’t Like the Man I Am – Billy Childish & the Singing Loins
I Don’t Like the Man I Am – Pete Molinari
I Can Hear the Grass Grow – The Fall
Gelly Roll Gum Drops – Sic Alps
Downloading Porn with Davo – Moldy Peaches
Get Up and Get Down – The Jooks of Kent
Money Rock ‘n’ Roll – John Spencer Blues Explosion
I Live Off You – X-Ray Spex
No Room For You – Demob
Love in the Garden Now – Baxter Dury
Drinking Song – Loudon Wainwright III


  1. Nice one PVC. Ideal for Friday Interplanetary Funkmanship.

  2. Cheers John and thanks for following. Hope to see you every Friday.

  3. Whoa! How did I miss all the other ones? I've now subscribed in iTunes, so maybe that will work better...

    Some real chestnuts in there. Cheers.
    I'd never heard the She Trinity version of IFTL. Sounds great.
    Other highlights for me were Two Gallants, Reigning Sound's 'Debris', Pete Molinari, John Spencer, X-Ray Spex, Loudon...

    Looking forward to the next one. ..and catching up on the last few.

  4. Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it. If you've got any new stuff yourself get it over I'd love to play it.

    Let us know what you think of the others as you catch up.

    See you soon.

  5. I might have a couple of demos kicking around. I've hardly looked at the 56 Special stuff for ages. I'll see what I've got and chuck 'em over. You can use or bin however you see fit.

  6. P.S I finally got some more blank CDs, so I'll sort out that M Ward comp too and pop it round.

  7. Cheers, let me know when and I'll make the She & Him disc is waiting for you.

  8. Top stuff: Parliament, The Fall, JSBE, LW3 *and* competent mic work ;) Listened to the day after Poly Styrene died, so the X-Ray Spex hit me like a hammer.


  9. A very sad day r7. X-Ray Spex made one of the best LPs of the 1st wave of punk bands. Poly's voice and songs were very special and she'll be sorely missed. Glad you're still enjoying the music and are now finding the mic work listenable!