Friday 1 April 2011

Transmission 5

Here we go with podcast number 5, got some new equipment so hopefully you should notice an improvement in mic levels. Music-wise we go from 50s country to local heroes with a bit of punk, funk, Cajun and indie rock chucked in for good measure.
Enjoy it and leave us a comment to let us know what you think, the download is here

Pay To Cum – Bad Brains
Glendora – Downliners Sect
My Baby’s Gone – The Louvin Brothers
Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35 – Bob Dylan
Volcano – Turbo Fruits
Estate Sales – The Intelligence
Par Rapport A Tes Parents –Mama Rosin
Coldest Morning Light – The Pharmacy
A Story Over There – Sic Alps
Hot On Your Heels – The Mint Chicks
Metallurge – Spider & the Flies
Tiny Circles – Wolf People
Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidently Saves the World – The Flaming Lips
Someone Must Have Nailed Us Together – The Len Bright Combo
Take You Slow – Damp Banger
Gabriel – Lucky Strikes
Dave’s Drugs – Cusack
Pet Frenzy – Dave Dulake
I’ll Cry (live) – Greg Cartwright
Red Sleeping Beauty – McCarthy
Handclapping Song – The Meters
IT #1 – Ty Segall
Live and Let Live – Love
Going Back – The Byrds


  1. And for those who don't do iTunes, the *proper* RSS link for the podcast is:


  2. Thanks for that, it's good to have you helping out again!