Thursday 24 March 2011

Transmission 4 (I Smell A Rat..and a Buffalo...and 2 Beavers...)

Here's podcast number 4 people and it's our first themed show - animals. It's a pretty mangy bunch, nuthin' cute and fluffy here. Download the whole fluffy episode here


Talk to the Animals – The Lennon Sisters
Muletrain – Frank Ifield
Bear Cat – Rufus Thomas
Howlin’ Tom Cat – Harmonica Frank Lloyd
I Smell a Rat – Sebadoh
Black Sheep – Reigning Sound
Beaver Shot – Hot Damn
Beaver Patrol – The Wilde Knights
Fox Box – The Dirtbombs
I Can Be a Frog – The Flaming Lips
Princess and the Frog- Jim Jones Revue
Walk Among the Cobras IV – Dan Sartain
I Cut Like a Buffalo – The Dead Weather
Jingle of a Dog’s Collar – Butthole Surfers
Why Do Girls Like Horses? – Adam and the Ants
Kanga Roo – Big Star
Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys
Mr Would You Please Help My Pony – Ween
Hog’s Jaw – Thee Headcoats
Tropical Yeti – The Pharmacy
Alligator – Foxboro Hot Tubs
The Snake – Al Wilson
Gorilla – The Shandells
White Horses – Laid Back
Muscle Horse – Sexton Ming


  1. \o/ I didn't have to keep turning the damn thing up every time you spoke. Nice one.


  2. We're getting there, it actually improves with each one now. Cheers for hanging in there while we iron out our problems! Plenty more of The Fall coming up by the way.