Sunday 27 March 2011

Record Store Day - 16th April 2011

Get up early on Saturday 16th April, go to your local independent record store and queue up to get your hands on some exclusive vinyl. Releases vary a little by country but this year it looks like there are going to be around 250 slabs of wax to get your hands on. And judging by the prices last year, exclusive and cheap don't go hand in hand.

Last year in the UK the Blur 7" seemed to be the thing that people started queueing at about 6am for(and many were on Ebay super quickly). I'll be hoping to get my mitts on the Bad Brains "Pay to Cum" 7", Deep Purple "Hush" 7" and The International Submarine Band "Safe at Home" MONO LP w/ bonus 7" Single (if it gets a UK release). I'm sure there will be other bits and pieces that tempt me on the day too, better start saving those pennies.

Whatever your poison, get round your local store and give them your support, they need it.


  1. I wouldn't miss record store day for anything. Our local record store puts on one hell of a sale every year. Free food and beverages with some live local talent as well. The problem is I always end up spending way more than I had planned on.

  2. Don't we all! I know the labels put out exclusives but they do boost the prices a bit too I reckon. Used to be when 7"s were a couple of quid a pop you could experiment a bit more, if you liked the look of a cover or a band's name you didn't mind taking a chance. These days with singles generally starting at about double that you have to be a bit more choosy with your cash.