Friday, 27 January 2023

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 481


Aye aye! Welcome to this week's dose of PVC where you can find all kindsa tunes to hum along with while you are showering, running, hiking, driving, vegetating or procrastinating. Multi purpose sounds for the modern human.

Download it here.

Don’t Be Scared, I Love You – Bill Ryder Jones

Either You Don’t Love Me Or I Don’t Love You – The Magnetic Fields

Freeloader Feast – Deliluh

The Lee Shore – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Wicked Ways – Pork

Is It It Or Is It I? – Astrel K

Feed Me Magnetic Rain – Cavern of Anti-Matter

It’s Me And You, Kid – King Hannah

She’s Still Gone – Trashmuseum

Like Up To Me – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood

My Pillow Is the Threshold – Silver Jews

The Fall – Beat Happening

Illya Kurayakin – Ike & Crystalites

Mind Your On – Carla dal Forno

Excuse Me – Purrkur Pillnikk

Banging & Shouting – Patrik Fitzgerald

Amphetamine Blue – The Fallen Angels

You’ll Get Yours Aplenty – Blaze Foley

Somos Todos Irmâos – Zito Righi E Seu Conjunto

Let’s Party People – Reality

Moliendo Café – Aldemaro Romeo Y Su Onda Nuevo

Gangster Surf – Tremelo Beergut

E.A.G. (Pop God) – Nikki McClure

Baby’s Arm – Kurt Vile

Let the Four Winds Blow – Roy Brown

Jackie’s Racing – Whiteout

Popcorn – Library Vultures

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