Thursday 15 December 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 476

Transmission 476, ting revealed.

Download is here.

Thee Songs:
Audrey’s Dance – Angelo Badalamenti
Finale a) Parade b) Peter Plays Some Blues – Jimmy Smith
Just Like Christmas – Low
How Long Blues – Jimmy Yancey
Nightmare – Don Bishop
Newspaper Pane – Elvis Costello
Diamond Shine – The Clean
Bear Rug – Tony Rodelle Larson
Not For You – Beatglider
Better Call Saul – Little Barrie
Rise Up Shepherd – Nick Lowe
Dead End Exits – Brown Spirits
Night Crawler (Live) – Thee Oh Sees
Mantra Del Bicho Feo – Juana Molina
I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar – The United States of America
No Man’s Land – McCookerybook and Rotifer
Bossa Per Due – Nicola Conte
Get Up and Use Me – Fire Engines
Peckham 123 – Library Vultures
Feeling Immortal – Shintaro Sakamoto
Can’t Get Used To Losing You – Andy Williams
Dirty Jim – Richard Swift
Victor Borgia – Stephen Malkmus
Morality – Smog
The Death Dance of the Busty Hot Lifeguard Instructor Babe – Charlie Megira
Cool It Down – Velvet Underground
Nicotine – The Vikings

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