Friday 22 July 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 463

This week's show will provide you with one hour, forty-seven minutes and six seconds of flash and crash.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:
Gales Doc- The Nightingales
Flash and Crash – Rocky & the Riddlers
Spin This Web – The Adult Net
Velo – Friendly Fires and the Asphodells
Surrender – A Mountain of One
Teenage Time Killer – Rudimentary Peni
Cakes in the Home – Crash Course in Science
Hillside Strangler – The Hollywood Squares
Hey Willy – Shannon and the Clams
Get A Move On – Mr Scruff
Crazy Clown Time – David Lynch
Play It Cool – George Jones
Hazel Irvine – The Wave Pictures
Dry the Rain – The Beta Band
The Day Before Tomorrow – BMX Bandits
Take Meta Mars – Flaming Lips
This American Life – Salvia Plath
Analogue Rock – Stereolab
My Daddy Is  A Vampire – The Meteors
Rhythm – Major Lance
Mad Affair – Elli & Jacno
Pipeline – The Incredible Bongo Band
I Let You Go Boy – Dawn Penn
Moonman Bop – Clear Spot
I Don’t Want To Laugh At You – Greg Cartwright and the Goodnight Loving
Tonight – The Tigerlillies
Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones

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