Thursday, 27 January 2022

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 443

 27 tunes of various lengths specially selected for people of different lengths.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:
Do I Love You? – The Ronettes
Griselda – The Unholy Modal Rounder
Avalanche – Leonard Cohen
My Tape’s Gone – The Freshies
Ragdoll – The Devil Dogs
Peter Gunn Twist – The Jesters
Viktor Borgia – Stephen Malkmus
Timesteps (Excerpt) – Walter Carlos
Walter Carlos – Momus
Dennis the Menace – Dennis Pinnock
If I Could Write Poetry – Television Personalities
It Is Always Now, All Of It Is Now – Wagon Christ
Steve Threw Up – Beck
Hey Little Girl – The Chasers
Greedy G – Booker Gee
Scratchy – The Luv’d Ones
All the Madmen – David Bowie
People Talk Too Much – Bananagun
Dark Creedence – Nap Eyes
Back Off My Baby – Catfight!
Let My People Go – Brother Jack Macduff
Direct Response (Instr) – Session In Session
The Harem – Mr Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band
New Kind of Kick – The Cramps
Shake the Foundation – Radio 4
3E – Mars
Tear the Club Up – The Dirtbombs

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