Thursday, 29 July 2021

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 426

Back in the shed after a little break. Twenty twiffic tunes.

Download yours here.

Thee Songs:
Dreaming – Poly Styrene
Achtung TV-Watchers – COS
I Got This (Andy Votel Remix) – Tim Burgess
Some Kind of Kink (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix) – Red Snapper
Maximum Sexual Joy – Glaxo Babies
Death Machine – Bruce Haack
Memory Of A Cut Off Head – OCS
Mantra Del Bicho Feo – Juana Molina
Sky Over Water – Stuart Moxham & Louis Philiippe
The Mollusk – Ween
In the Rain – Rose City Band
I Just Can’t Stop – Jeb Loy Nichols
Perversion – Stereolab
Bourgeouis Town – The Fall
Red Line – Wooden Shjips
You Don’t Know What You’re Doing – The Nightingales
Sheep Tick – Young Knives
Dip – Tiňa
Keys – White Denim
South of France - Harlem

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