Thursday, 31 October 2019

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 373

Here's the second show from our road trip to Laggers' Lounge. As the booze flowed we totally lost track of time so it's a much longer show than usual. A sprinkling of spookiness to give it a seasonal flavour too so you can have it a day early for All Hallow's Eve.

Download it here.

Thee Songs:

Such A Fool - Rubber City Rebels

Who's First - Acid Baby Jesus

Some Des Burros (Two Sticks) - Royal Trux

Maypole - Paul Giovanni

Halloween II Theme - John Carpenter

Halloween - Dead Kennedys

The Other Side - Tiny Tim

Untitled- Moxon's Master

Nono - Magma

Loud + Proud - Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds

Wanna Wanna - Marvin Pontiac

Laugh - Hammer Damage

#3 (In the Corn Belt) - Dinosaur L

Go for It - David Axelrod

The Mummy - Maury Laws/Jules Bass

Good Fortune - PJ Harvey

Bottom Bunk - Graham Coxon

A Glistening Sap On Leaves - Dead Rider Trio featuring Mr Paul William's

Georgia In A Jug - Shockabilly

King Apathy III - The Byrds

Death Song - The Black Angels

Come on Let's Go - The Paley Brothers and Ramones

The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon - The Cramps

Livity - Zombie Zombie

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted - Jimmy Ruffin

Cardboard Man - The Cool Greenhouse

My Contribution to This Scam - Jean Grae X Quelle Chris

Plastic Man, You're the Devil - The Pink Mountaintops

Blue Cheese - Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile

La Brigade Des Malefices - Diabolique

Arretez De Me Parler De Faire L'Amour - Antoine

Stop This Train (Again Doing It) - Kevin Ayers

Green Onions - Georgie Fame

Trust in Me - The Fall

Jumpin' - Ike Turner Presents the Family Vibes

Just Drifting - Pyschic TV

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