Friday, 6 April 2018

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 316

Twenty seven fizzy barfs!

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Thee Songs:
Pony – Annette Peacock
One More Night – Can
Keep On Stepping – The Fatback Band
Fizzy Barf – Andrew Hung
¿Donde Estás Maria? – Meridian Brothers
make out fade out – cavern of anti-matter
Bad News From the Underworld – Kim Fowley
Black Potato – The Rabble
Just One More Dance – The Mummies
Mushroom Festival in Hell – Ween
Chartsengrafs – Grandaddy
Cone of Light – The Almighty Defenders
Yellow Dash – Giuda
I Never Wanted Love – Shannon & the Clams
Get Lost – LA Witch
1988: Searching For Human in Tight Blue Jeans – Kim Fowley
Do Policemen Sing? – Robyn Hitchcock
J’Ai Des Problemes Decidement – Violaine
Cementerio – Los Saicos
Monkey On Your Back – Clinic
Cry All Day – Wilco
Nobody’s Dirty Business – Mississippi John Hurt
Chibitenyi – Msafiri Zawose
How Many Do You Do – The Chats
In You – Holly Golightly
Crazy Woman – The Galaxies

Cheap Thrills – New Kingdom

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