Friday, 5 August 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 240

Save some time this week, just read the list of songs and don't bother listening to the show. Then go to the library and borrow a book, read the index and take it back. Life's too short right?

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Thee songs:
Sally Lou – Archie & the Bunkers
Reptile Style – Reigning Sound
Fly My Way – The Jackets
Rowche Rumble – Sonic Youth
Mayhem Montage – David Alexander Hess
Bach Off – Nicolas Godin
I Want to Be the President – Electrelane
I’m Sticking With You – The Velvet Underground
My Group and Me – Raga and the Talas
Frightened – The Fall
Cold Rain and Snow – The Grateful Dead
I Left My Tassle Jacket In San Luis Obispo – The Castillians
Life Kills – The Human League
Violence Grows – Fatal Microbes
Wild Honey – The Beach Boys
Clem Snide the Private Asshole – William S. Burroughs
Hamworthy Sports and Leisure Centre – Prinzhorn Dance School
Your Love – Frankie Knuckles
Movie Head – Sic Alps
Voy Hacia El Cielo (Hoy Hacia El Sol) – Los Dug Dug’s
Buddy Bradley – Adam Green
All Night Long – The Frowning Clouds
Mary Lou – Greg Cartwright and the Goodnight Loving
Return Of Django – Upsetters
A Child Of A Few Hours is Burning To Death – The West Coast Pop Art Experimental band
Earth People – Dr Octagon
Fe Fe Ne Eye Fe – Fela Kuti

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