Thursday, 23 June 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 235

Bonjour les petits enfants et bienvenue dans le monde fiendish du Polyvinyl Artisans!!

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Les Chansons:
Old Slew Foot – The Revelators featuring Walter Daniels
Container Drivers – Jack O’ Fire
Draw Japan – The Horrors
Feast On My Heart – Pylon
Don’t Be A Jerk Johnny – The Drums
You Made Me Suffer – Andrew Brown
What We Do Matters – The Mantles
Eat It – No Bunny
Static – Nots
Free Fall – Cornelius
Blowin’ in a Secular Breeze – Go Kart Mozart
This Arsehole’s Been Burned Too Many Times Before – The Nectarine No. 9
Rotolock – Daphne Oram
Insects Are All Around Us – money Mark
Wisdom and Lies – Emperor’s New Clothes
It’s About Time – Lemonheads
Castles and Tassels – Adam Green
Mum’s the Word – Chain & the Gang
Vadrouillard 3 - Roger Roger
Instant Hit – The Slits
Ma’am I Like Your Daughter – Mountains & Rainbows
Submarine – The Frowning Clouds
Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Danny and the Darleans
KiriKisi (Ekassa 24) – Sir Victor Uwaifo
Old Horse of the Nation’s Tea Party – Billy Childish & Sexton Ming
Blow My Top – King Khan & BBQ Show
North Hollywood Microwaves – Pink Mountains

It's thee PVC kitten who seems to appear once the sun's gone down whenever we podcast, attracted by the music we reckon.

Some Coop records.

Some Laggers records

Some Miggins records

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