Friday 8 April 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 224 - Ladies Night

This week's show is for the ladies, by the ladies (you chaps can listen in too but only if you put on a dab of mascara and lippy, your best frock too if you're feeling super sassy).

All you're hear this week are records with vocals by the fairer sex in the usual genre-spanning manner.

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Thee songs: 
I’m A Streaker Baby – Arelean Brown
Fired Up – Moe Tucker
Roxanne’s Revenge – Roxanne Shanté
Don’t Knock It – Joyce Harris
Rise To The Sun – Alabama Shakes
Sur La Planche – La Femme
Can’t Stop Fighting – Sheer Mag
(My One and Only) Jimmy Boy – The Girlfriends
Tell Me Now So I Know – Holly Golightly
Hitch-Hike – Liliput
Golden Phone – Micachu
I’m Not Sayin’ – Nico
I Love To Rock – Katie Sweet
Flipsville – Stormy Gayle
Mama Needs Your Lovin’ Baby – Linda Hopkins
Fade Away – The New Age Steppers
White Noise – Nots
I Can’t Do Anything – X-Ray Spex
Mass ‘Emmanuel’ – Sister Irene O’Connor
Cowgirl Blues = Jesse Mae Hemphill
Call Me in the Day – La Luz
Utan Utan – Selda
They Say I’m Different – Betty Davis
Lower Leg – Wetdog
Give Him A Great Big Kiss – The Shangri-Las
O-O-H Child – Nina Simone
Reunion – Bobbie Gentry

And finally...................which one of the Craftsmen got so excited by the thought of ladies night that they decided to get their Gutbucket out? 

Answers on a postcard or sealed envelope to Thee PVC Shed.

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