Friday, 6 February 2015

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 170

Hello Pilgrims, welcome to this weeks' show. 

We got a garbled message into PVC HQ from Laggers at the start of the week which was hard to decipher; he'd either found Jesus down the back of the sofa or some cheeses, either way he couldn't make it along to record. This either means he'd had some sort of spiritual epiphany or he'd gorged on cheese and didn't want to fill the shed with unwanted fromage gas. 

As a result it's just Miggins and Coop for #170, the world is a poorer place this week therefore without a dip into Laggers' record box.

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Here's thee tunes: 

I’m Doubtful of Your Love – Benny Joy

Jungle Fever – Charlie Feathers

Ave Gencis Khan – Os Mutantes

Hot Topic – Le Tigre

When You Die – X Ray Cat Trio

Box Elder – Pavement

The Organization – The Herms

Good Lovin’ – Twin Peaks

Spinning Ceiling – Mark Sultan

The Drunken Driver – Granpa Joe

Sam Stone – John Prine

Slag Away – Harpoon Forever

Time Trades – Jeffrey Lewis

Love In A Summer Basket – The Seeds

Baby, It’s Too Late – Reigning Sound

Look Nicely – Moth Effect

Drano In Your Veins – Poli Styrene Jass Band

Funky – Freddie King

The Bird Train – Chessmen

Scratch That Itch – Elliott Shavers & His Blazers

Give It Up – The Eliminators

I Bizarro – The Bizarros

End Credits – Laptop

Green Whale – Velvet Morning

Blocking My Way – Milk Boys

Gismo – Jimmy Heap

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