Thursday 2 October 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen A-Z Playlist

So, for some reason this week we haven't managed to get together to record a show. Not sure why, a mixture of holidays, work stuff and general lack of communication really.

What I've put together as a last minute fill-in is a Spotify playlist from A-Z of the first band/artist that came into my head for each letter. I then picked a song by each of them, as it was quick and off the top of my head there is a ton of stuff that's never head a PVC airing before. I take full responsibility for the track listing as Laggers and Miggins weren't involved. If you don't like the mix it's all down to me. 

Hopefully we'll be more organised next week and things will be back to normal.

If you can't get it to play below go here A-Z Playlist


  1. Hi Sandro, simply because we couldn't get together this week to record a show so I wanted to fill a gap and Spotify was the quickest way to do it. Should be back to normal next week.

  2. Hi there, fine by me. Glad you're enjoying it, anything that helps spread the word is good with us. We do it as music fans to share our records with anyone who wants to listen so are always glad when someone appreciates it. Come and follow us on Facebook too. Cheers, Coop.