Friday, 1 August 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 145

Pinch, punch, first of the month.Get your tin foil helmets on, rev up your apocalyptic flying pyramids and crank up this week's show as you're blasting the masses with your mustard death rays.

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Thee songs:
Cyber Insekt – The Fall
Tschik-Mo – Liliput
Heart Attack – Brimstone Howl
Bodies Made Of – Parquet Courts
Anger! Who Keeps You Under – White Fence
Let’s Go – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
Dangerous Girls – Dangerous Girls
The Fog – Zig-Zags
Mister Fantasy – X Cult
Aisha – Death In Vegas
Cavern – Liquid Liquid
1.2.X.U – Wire
I’m Movin’ – The Evil
Strychnine – The Sonics
The Shadow Knows – The Charlatans
Have Fun – Bleeding Knees Club
I Need Your Lovin’ – Lord High Fixers
In the Pines – Link Wray
40 Deuce Street – Umar Bin Hassan
Wrong – Micachu & the Shapes
God Damn You – Armand Schaubroeck
Ghetto Mom – The John Spencer Blues Explosion
Harder Than It’s Ever Been – Fergus & Geronimo
DCWYW – White Denim
Waltz For Aidan – Mogwai
Low Light – The Soundcarriers
No Romance – The Fates

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