Sunday 3 November 2013

Mickey Gloss - Astral Projections For The Kinetically Deranged

I was lucky enough to be sent a promo of the debut LP by Mickey Gloss which comes out on 18th November through H Badger Records. It's called 'Astral Projections For The Kinetically Deranged' and you'll be able to get it on vinyl and digital download.

I've had it on repeat since I first heard it and reckon it's one of the best LPs of the year so far. There's a definite late 70s post punk edge to proceedings mixed in with the contemporary Oz garagey sound that Eddy Current Suppression Ring and the UV Race do so well. It's the sort of thing I'd expect Goner Records to be releasing.

Australian frontman Daniel
 left the east coast of Australia for London in 2011 and arrived slap bang in the middle of the chaos and disorder of the riots that summer. The sound reflects  the anarchy and energy he suddenly found himself in, much like the UK bands who were mining a similar vein in the grey and grim late seventies. In tracks like the short, sharp, shock of 'Danny' you can even hear elements of early US hardcore.

I'll be featuring tracks over the next few weeks on PVC shows, check out show #108 to hear first single 'Are You Happy'.

The track 'Right Kind of Love' explores the notion of celebrity as something that needs to be explored, rather than accepted. The track is accompanied by a video posing as a documentary about Lindsay Lohan's life. It's pretty revealing....

I'm looking forward to seeing how much attention the LP picks up as I reckon it could make plenty of end of the year best-of lists if enough people get to hear it.

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