Saturday 6 April 2013

Mad Mackerel review Wobbly Lamps' "Drella"

Thanks to one of my favourite music blogs, Mad Mackerel, for another fine review of Drella.

We are a little later than intended in posting this, but Southend’s Wobbly Lamps (who featured on MM last year) have a new EP on release.

Drella is three more tracks of psych infused proto garage punk and lead track Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever is a particular, deliciously sleazy, delight. On the reverse is the ominous sonic mayhem of Haxan and the well, ominous sonic mayhem of Gretchen Fetchin.

In fact if the phrase “deliciously sleazy” could ever be thought to make any kind of sense then it could only ever be in the context of describing this record. Wobbly Lamps are single handedly dragging Southend back to the flick-knifed threat of a brylcreemed 1960s (unless it is like the Isle of Wight of course and never left).

Whatever. Listen to all three tracks below. Go and order the EP here.

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