Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wobbly Lamps go Greek!

Wobbly Lamps "Drella" EP gets its first Greek review in Gew-Gaw fanzine, a cool site that covers all things garage and psych. Unfortunately it's in Greek but with the help of Google translate we can get a pretty good idea of what they think. It seems to have gone down very well, so thanks very much to George for a lovely write-up:

This 7'' ep of Wobbly Lamps is the second number for this company and engleziki circulation is 250 copies. The sound of the guitar is Wobbly Lamps are fasariozikos is dirty, it's garage, it's pop, it's punk! I guess if Joy Division were recording garage sounded like this! The Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever from the first side is a wild guitar garage / pop song mercilessly melodic despite the harshness of the sound! In the second part Haxan and Gretchin Fetchin barrage is have more 70s punk sound, real rollers, sweep everything while the second, in the end he has a vague relentlessly playing the organ that sends another dimension song.

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