Monday, 10 September 2012

Who's listening and where?

We're doing a bit of a census to try and work out who's listening and where you all come from. So can you do us a favour if you are a regular/irregular listener to either Polyvinyl Craftsmen or Church of thee PVC and leave us a comment on the blog or Facebook with your name/city/country and some thoughts on what like/don't like and what you would like to hear more/less of on the show. Also do you listen to it or download it?

All input would be gratefully received, we might even play a couple of requests if you ask for something one of us has got! 

If we get so few comments that it's obvious no-one is listening we will think about a new format consisting purely of christian rock, Cliff Richard hits and bible readings.

Cheers, Laggers, Miggins and Coop.


  1. It's Doug. Southampton, Mass. USA. Regular listener, downloader, and podcast subscriber. I fuckin' love your shows. I "discovered" you guys around your 50th transmission and now I'm downloading the early shows.

  2. Darin/MoscowIdaho/UnitedStates: regular listener, either by download or streaming from the blogspot. I usually bank up old transmissions to listen to while not internet ready, and listen to new transmissions directly from here, but then while listening am generally so giddy with the tracklist that I download that as well. I think that there is a well balanced mix of things that i know/don't know and things that are fuzzy,noisey/surfy,twangly. Below is an entirely non-comprehensive list of the things by which I currently like and dislike the most.

    Likes: vocal effects on the show's intro, trebley guitar solos, treble sounds (general), songs about space, feedback

    Dislikes: never have heard the song "Return the Gift" by Gang of Four on here

  3. Doug and Darin, thanks for chipping in, good to hear from you. Glad you're enjoying what we are doing, makes it worthwhile to know what not just playing records to each other in the shed every week! The vocal effects we actually stumbled on by mistake when we left too many channels turned on and decided it sounded a bit spacey so kept with it. Darin, I'll make a point to address your dislike in the future, keep listening!

  4. Dripping Springs, Texas. I usually listen thru podcast.