Thursday 14 June 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 54

Hello folks, we're back after last week's break. We weren't allowed to tell you why we couldn't record a show last week but the embargo has now been lifted. Laggers was actually piloting the Queen's boat along the Thames for the jubilee celebrations and thought that more important than spinning vinyl for you faithful listeners. Bastard!

He ended up getting lost and before him and the royal gang knew it they were out the estuary and half way to France. It was actually a stand in bunch of royal lookey likeys they had to use for the rest of the week as the proper toffs were too shellshocked from listening to his mixtape of Fall b-sides and Country Teasers songs for hours on end. 

Liz was last seen in Music and Video Exchange in Notting Hill Gate looking for a copy of Hex Induction Hour to nurse Phil through his bladder problems.

That's enough waffle, down to this week's show. We've got a sterling batch of songs for you as usual, if you want to download it, do it here.

Do the Duck – The Autographs
When It Comes to You – Dead Ghosts
Castiatic Tackle – Thee Oh Sees
Hypnagogo – Thee Ludds
Bundys Butterfly – Vinyl Stitches
100 Little Women – Mark Sultan
Judy is a Punk – The New Piccadillys
I Said – Moonhearts
I Enjoy Being a Boy – Mikal Cronin
After Death – Royal Baths
My Best Friend’s Going Out with a Girl I Like – David Cronenberg’s Wife
Standing at the Station – Ty Segall
Fire – The Vampires
Never Knew I Had it So Bad – Thee Midniters
2120 South Michigan Avenue – The Wrecked Angles
Mind Your Own Business (Man Ray Radio Edit Mix) – Delta 5
Weakdays – Rael Raen
Computer Date Killer – Cargo Cult
Tick – Ween
Bums on a Rock – The Rebel
Lies – The Knickerbockers
Telephone – The Black Angels
Until the End of Time – The Fresh & Onlys
All Around You – The Brain Jonestown Massacre
In My Car – Last Year’s Men
Green Balloon – White Fence
Little Town Flirt – The Intelligence

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