Thursday, 17 May 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 52

This week's photo is a piece of street art I saw in Barcelona this week, some nice record stores there. Expect to hear a few tunes I picked up there over the next few shows. Laggers has just had his first shipment of new vinyl for a while and no doubt the postman's paid a visit to Miggins too. You can't beat the smell of fresh vinyl in the morning. All purchased at great expense for you, our cherished listeners!

On to this week's show, older selections outnumber new stuff this time round. Grab a download here.

Transmission 52
The Crowd From 23rd Avenue – Don Bishop
Oriental Express – The Outcasts
My Boy Sleepy Pete – The Tempo-Tones
In the Snow – Miss Alex White & the Red Orchestra
(She Digs My) New Wave Records – Boris the Sprinkler
Surf Goddess – The Queers
Relentless Machines – Thomas Function
The Boss Wants to Party With You – Quintron
Wrong Place Right Time – The Fall
King Krusher – King Krusher & the Turkey Necks
Little Girl – The Banned
Don’t Push Me Around – The Tigerlilies
Dead Meat – Personal & the Pizzas
We Got the Beat – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
I Am Not a Game – Ty Segall and White Fence
Yeh Raat Jane Keya Keya – Kamel Ahmed feat Noor Jehan
Walking the Cow – Daniel Johnston
Seether – Veruca Salt
Something For Nothing – Oblivians
I’m Waiting For the Day – Reigning Sound
Chains of Love – Melvin Davis
Done Done the Slop – Ervin Rucker
Moose Scraper – The Wildebeests
Sunshine/ Pretty Girls – Unnatural Helpers
Ü – Kleenex
I’ll Come Again – Legends
Cunt Tease – Pussy Galore

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  1. Another great show. Although I probably won't run out and buy King Krusher (I hear enough growling at work). Thanks all the same.