Friday 3 February 2012

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 39

After our trip to see Country Teasers in Hackney this week Laggers plays a trio of Teasers tunes, Coop opts to play 9 Greg Cartwright songs from his various incarnations. In between there are the usual PVC mix of this, that and something else from all over the musical spectrum. No Barbara Streisand or Bette Midler though, sorry. Down the load here

If you are getting our podcasts through iTunes, you will now need to get them all through our Church of Thee PVC feed as Mevio have started clamping down on bad langusge/images and our other feed seems to have been deleted. Boo!  Go here instead

The Songs
I Don’t Need You – The Coach Whips
Kennel District – Pavement
Spirit & soul – Nodzzz
My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate – Thee Headcoatees
Untrue – Bob Vidone
Gertrude – The Fabulous Prophets
Ride That Train – Oblivians with Mr Quintron
Watching My Baby Get Ready – Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops
Bad Man (live) – Reigning Sound
Hairy Wine 2 – Country Teasers
I’m a New Person Now – Country Teasers
Mosquito – Country Teasers
Clear Spot – Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band
60 Feet Tall – The Dead Weather
Omnia Boa – Strange Boys
You Got Me Hummin’ (live) – Reigning Sound
Strong Come On – Oblivians
Two Thieves – Compulsive Gamblers
World Plastic- Kool Keith
Bouge De La – MC Solaar
If I’m in Luck I Might Get Picked Up – Betty Davis
Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boy – The Equals
Vehicle – Ides of March
Bring It On…Bring It On – James Brown
Mind Over Matter – Reigning Sound
Sour and Vicious Man (live) – Greg Gartwright
Staring – The Parting Gifts

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